Housing & Remodeling

A woman sitting on the couch holding her phone.

Aging in Place: Sit

Aging in Place Furniture Considerations

Two people are doing different exercises on a mat.

Age in Place Flooring

Floors Are Often Overlooked When considering Age in Place Upgrades

A woman in glasses is cooking on the stove

Purpose Driven Design

Purpose Driven Design for Aging in Place

A woman is washing her clothes in the washer.

Aging in Place Main Floor Living

Age in Place with Main Floor Living

A woman sitting at the table in front of a window.

Open Spaces for Aging in Place

Open Spaces and Natural Light are Environmental Determinants of Health

A woman in a wheelchair is opening the door.

Aging in Place: ENTER

8 Elements For the Ideal Age in Place Home Entry

A man and woman laying in bed together.

Self-Interest of Aging in Place Remodeling

A Role You Knew Was Coming But Didn’t Want to Think About

A man sitting in front of a laptop computer.

Home Modifications Transform People’s Lives

Modifications Protect Lives in a Pandemic

A man helping an older person walk with a cane.

Aging in Place: The Obstacle is the Way

Turning the Obstacle Into the Way is Easily Applied to Aging in Place

A man in black shirt and hat squatting on ground.

Designing With Harmony for Aging in Mind

Seek Professional Consultation When Designing With Harmony for Aging in Mind

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