Housing & Remodeling

A woman standing next to an older man on a porch.

Porch as Longevity Design Strategy

Design Matters in the Affairs of Living

A woman holding a candle in her hands.

Aging in Place: Needs VS. Wants

Ideally NEEDS Should be a Byproduct of WANTS

A woman sitting at a table with her arm on top of the desk.

Five Action Items for Aging in Place

A Handful of Aging-in-Place Action Items You Can do This Weekend

Two bicycles are parked on the beach near the water.

Aging in Place With Love

Total Valentines Spending is Expected to Reach $19.6 Billion

A woman sitting on top of a white couch.

Aging in Place Designing Trends

Top Client Requests for Aging in Place Designs

A man and woman standing next to each other.

Aging in Place Global Design

Going Forward Aging-in-Place Will Mean Combining Renovation and Innovation

A man watering plants in a room with lots of windows.

Sustainable Aging in Place

The 4 Components of Green Aging in place

A woman sitting on the ground in front of a window.

Aging in Place Floors

Floors Are Literally The Foundations of Our Lives

A woman is looking inside of an open refrigerator.

Aging in Place Appliances

Time to Update Your Aging-in-Place Appliances Look For These 9 Items

A man and woman standing in front of a door.

Aging in Place Main Floor Living

The Main Floor of Many Homes is Where Most of The Living Occurs

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