Housing & Remodeling

A close up of a barbie doll 's face

Barbie’s (Forever) Dream Home

Barbie’s Dream Home Seems to Reflect the Cultural Climate

aging in place

ai Generated Aging in Place Check List

Take This List to a CAPS Remodeler to Prioritize

A man with white hair and glasses looking at papers.

Aging in Place: Prioritizing Proper Lighting

Optimizing Home Lighting is Crucial for Aging Eyes

A woman standing next to an older man on a porch.

Porch as Longevity Design Strategy

Design Matters in the Affairs of Living

A woman holding a candle in her hands.

Aging in Place: Needs VS. Wants

Ideally NEEDS Should be a Byproduct of WANTS

A woman sitting at a table with her arm on top of the desk.

Five Action Items for Aging in Place

A Handful of Aging-in-Place Action Items You Can do This Weekend

aging in place

Aging in Place With Love

Total Valentines Spending is Expected to Reach $19.6 Billion

A woman sitting on top of a white couch.

Aging in Place Designing Trends

Top Client Requests for Aging in Place Designs

A man and woman standing next to each other.

Aging in Place Global Design

Going Forward Aging-in-Place Will Mean Combining Renovation and Innovation

A man watering plants in a room with lots of windows.

Sustainable Aging in Place

The 4 Components of Green Aging in place

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