Housing & Remodeling

aging in place

Aging in Place: No convincing required

10 Elements Of The Ideal Aging in Place Client

aging in place

Aging in Place Where Surprise, Mystery, Beauty and Delight Meet

Aging in Place Takes Many Forms This is Yet Another

aging in place

Disadvantages of Aging in Place

Use These Points When Preparing Ahead of Time for Aging in Place

Age in place

Holiday Accessibility Aging in Place

Do You Know Who’s Coming to Dinner?

aging in place

Many Older Clients Will Resist

Just Go Ahead And Make The Changes And Send Me The Bill

accessible home modifications for aging in place

Accessible Home Modifications for Older Adults

Resources for Accessible Home Modifications

aging in place

“Ageless Design”

Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

Age in place furniture

Aging in Place: Sit

Aging in Place Furniture Considerations

age in place flooring

Age in Place Flooring

Floors Are Often Overlooked When considering Age in Place Upgrades

Aging in Place accessible design

Purpose Driven Design

Purpose Driven Design for Aging in Place

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