On Aging

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On Aging: Older as Resource

Generativity Means Investing in Caring for and Developing the Next Generation

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Aging, Falls, and Alcohol

ETOH is involved in 60% of falls in older adults.

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On Aging: A Season

A Season in Search of its Purpose.

A white couch sitting in front of a window.

On Aging: TALL and FIRM

Accessible Furniture for Aging in Place

A wheelchair with an american flag mask hanging on it.

The 3 BIG Pitfalls of Nursing Homes

The Big 3 Pitfalls of Nursing Homes in the COVID-19 Era

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On Aging: Isolation = Increased Entropy

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

A woman sitting on the floor holding a painting.

On Aging: Old Russian Saying

Pray…But Keep Moving Your Feet!

aging in place essentials

On Aging: Curiosity

The Key to Longevity in a word; Curiosity. To be long lived, stay curious…

aging in place

On Aging: Duration

Duration Builds Character…

On Aging: aging in place
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