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Beautiful mature woman sitting near the window and looking outside aging in place

Losing a Sense of Home Could Cost you your Life

Aaron D. Murphy CAPS, ADM Architecture

age in place

Aging in Place Home Environment

Esther Greenhouse Environmental Gerontologist, Cornell University

ageing in place globalized

Aging in Place: Learning From Other Cultures

Jeffrey Rosenfeld, PhD, Environmental Gerontologist, Parsons School of Design

age in place

Age in Place: Enough money for retirement?

Scott Fulton Home Ideations

Universal Design

Accessible Universal Design

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., CLIPP

age in place 7 habits applied

Aging in Place 7 Habits Applied

Covey’s 7 Habits for Aging in Place

ageing in place remodeling

Age in Place 3 Action Items

Aging in Place 3 Action Items

DIY aging in place

6 Age in Place DIY Weekend Projects

6 Age in Place DIY Projects

Senior couple at home Sexy House age in place

Sexy House

Louis Tenenbaum Sexy House Age in Place

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