Housing & Remodeling

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Why Aging in Place Remodeling is a “CRISIS Buy”

Lack Of Planning Architecturally For The Future Is Caused by Gerontophobia

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Aging in Place: Domestic Universe

I Love Old Things; They Have Presence and Earned Character

CAPS Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Re-Thinking Aging in Community

Long Term Care Industry Along With Nursing Homes Are In Trouble

aging in place

Aging in Place Q/A

We’re Shopping for a “Forever Home”

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Form Over Function

Aging in Place: A Case of Form Over Function

aging in place ranch style home

Ranch Style Design is Back

Ranch Style Homes Are Back in High Demand for Aging in Place Accessibility and Nostalgia

Aging in Place 60 Second Makeover Series

Aging in Place 60 Sec Makeover

Here are 3 Simple and Easy Home Modifications

age in place

Age in Place: Change vs. Stasis


Aging in Place 60 Second MakeOver

Aging in Place 60 Sec MakeOver

Aging in Place 60 Second MakeOver: Doorknobs and Stairs

Aging in Place Basics

ConsumerAffairs Age in Place Basics

Modifications Allow Seniors to Stay in Their Homes Longer

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