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Activities of Daily Living aging in place

Environmental Press Model

The Environmental Press Model

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10 Steps to Sustainable Home-Based Retirement

10 Steps to Sustainable Home-Based Retirement

Age in Place Bedroom

Top 10 Essentials for the Aging in Place Bedroom.

Age in Place Bathroom

Age in Place BATHROOM: 8 Easy Age-Friendly Upgrades

Age in Place Kitchen

8 Basics for the Age in Place Kitchen

ageing in place

10 Signs You Might be Aging in Place

How do you know if you’re aging in place? A question that was posed to me recently.

Barrier-free home age in place

“Visitability” Home

Visitability is an affordable, sustainable and inclusive design approach.

AGING in place eyes and light

6 Ways to Brighten a Home for Aging Eyes

6 Ways Brighten up a Home for Aging Eyes.

Universal Design age in place

Universal Design

Universal design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people.

age in place models

Models of Aging in Place

Models of Aging in Place come in many innovative forms.

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