In-Home Care

aging in place
aging in place

Assisted Loneliness

To be human is to be Interdependent

A woman sitting on top of a bed with her head in her hands.

UTIs the Enemy of Aging in Place

This Aliment is a Very Real Threat to Remaining Home “Independently”

A man hugging a woman holding a gift.

Caregiver Don’t Go it Alone

I know From Experience the Caregiver Quicksand He’s About to Step In

Two women sitting on a couch with cups in their hands.

What Your Parents Don’t Know Can Eventually Hurt You

10 Millennial Caregiving Hacks to Head Off Trouble

A man and woman dancing in front of a window.

Environmental Press; A Case Study

Empathetic LifeSpan Design is informed by Theory

A man in a wheelchair is sitting on the floor

What Does it Mean to be a Human Being?

“Thanks for Talking to me. You Made me Feel Like a Human Being.”

A man in blue scrubs pushing a wheelchair.

Aging in Place Space for Caregivers

Housing Could Also be Negotiated in The Fee For Caregiving Services

Two women sitting on a bed with one holding a cup.

Preparation for the Rest of Our Lives

The Anatomy of a Village Aging in Place Together

A man laying on the ground in front of a toilet.

Post Surgical Hip Replacement Considerations 

10 Post Surgical Hip Replacement Considerations at Home

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