Age in Place Flooring

age in place flooring

I’d rather rot on my own floor than be found by a bunch of bingo players in a nursing home.

~Florence King, Writer and Humorist


Aging in Place

Floors are often overlooked when considering aging-in-place upgrades and they should literally be the foundation of your home-as-health-protectant strategy. You encounter them first thing in the morning and the last thing at night…For most they are a “constant-contact.”

That being the case, consider these 7 tips:

Age in Place Flooring

1) Area rugs are lovely killers, frayed ends trip-up more folks than a middle linebacker on steroids—hang sentimental ones on the wall, just get them off the floor

2) Remodel with flooring that is textured on the surface (traction) which reduces slips

3) If you insist on carpet get the lower nap which has less friction for walkers and wheelchairs (least resistance for wheels)

4) Recess, fully secured rugs to keep them level with the flooring which surround them (if you must have carpeted rug areas)

5) Hard tiles or solid natural materials are lovely but slippery and tend to cause glare—avoid if possible

6) If using carpet consider carpet-tiles that can be replaced if soiled

7) If you have hardwoods a cork underlayment can reduce noise in large spaces

This quote is not one you want to experience:

“I will be there when you fall.”

~The Floor

Final Thoughts on aging in place flooring:

Smooth Transitions between rooms and thresholds

Keep Floors dry and moisture free


Motion sensor Lighting towards floor (esp. at night)

Avoid those cozy socks on hard floor surfaces (keep tread slippers on)

Coretec Plus is good for the age-in-place home

Slip-resistant flooring in bathroom

Use Anti-slip strips on stairs



Non-Affiliates (I do not profit on sales from these two companies, I just like their products)

SMARTcells Flooring for aging in place

I have bought and use HandiTreds in my own house and I step on them daily as do all our visitors—We LOVE them! 

Tai Chi for Seniors: Phillips

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