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Patrick's Corner

Senior Move Managers aging in place

Moving: Not Easy at Any Age

Senior Move Managers

age in place love

The Love of Home

Love and Shelter Core to Being Human

Senior woman aging in place

Aging in Place: We Can Handle the Truth

Euphemisms for Aging in Place

Aging In Place

Aging in Place is living in the home and community of your choice as you age.

Our Mission:

I’ve designed with over 35 years of experience working with and researching older adults. My goal for you dear visitor is to pass on relevant/actionable information that Informs, Empowers, and yes even Delights. You are not alone on this Journey, I have assembled the very best advisors who will share their Ideas and Inspirations. Let’s see what we can accomplish together.

“You’re Home by Choice.”

Patrick Roden RN Ph.D. Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS)


Daily Life

Accessible adventures

Accessible Adventures!

John Williams Living Life to the Fullest

age in place Boomer Runner

Boomer Runner Reflects on a New Era

Mike Waters Fitness Over 50

Senior aging in community

Designing for Quality of Life

Designing for Quality of Life

Housing & Remodeling

Beautiful mature woman sitting near the window and looking outside aging in place

Losing a Sense of Home Could Cost you your Life

Aaron D. Murphy CAPS, ADM Architecture

age in place

Aging in Place Home Environment

Esther Greenhouse Environmental Gerontologist, Cornell University

ageing in place globalized

Aging in Place: Learning From Other Cultures

Jeffrey Rosenfeld, PhD, Environmental Gerontologist, Parsons School of Design

In-Home Care

Claude A. Goodman, Gerontechnologist and founder of CareWheels

Age in Place Home Sweet SMART Home

Claude A. Goodman, Gerontechnologist founder of CareWheels

Laurie Orlov Aging in Place Technology

Aging in Place Technology Market Overview Report

Laurie Orlov of Aging in Place Technology Watch

ageing in place
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