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Patrick's Corner

Aging in Place

Old Fool

Gerontological Correctness on Foolishness and Wisdom

aging in place

INSPIRATION: Late Life Freedom

Then There Are Those Who Walk Freely Amongst The Pour Sensing Every Drop

aging in place Boomers Choose Assisted Bikes Over Assisted Living

Boomers Choose Assisted Bikes Over Assisted Living

Boomer eBiking Accelerates Since COVID19

Aging In Place

Aging in Place is living in the home and community of your choice as you age.

Our Mission:

I’ve designed with over 35 years of experience working with and researching older adults. My goal for you dear visitor is to pass on relevant/actionable information that Informs, Empowers, and yes even Delights. You are not alone on this Journey, I have assembled the very best advisors who will share their Ideas and Inspirations. Let’s see what we can accomplish together.

“You’re Home by Choice.”

Patrick Roden RN Ph.D. Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS)



Telehealth aging in place

5 Tips for Smoother Telehealth Appointments

Simple Tips to Make Your Next Telehealth Visit Successful

Aging in Place wheelchair

Autonomous Wheelchairs

The Evolution of Personal Mobility Devices

aging in place telehealth

“What if” for Aging in Place

Aging and the Necessity of Isolation Are Human Dilemmas in Search of Solutions

Housing & Remodeling

aging in place senior care

Self-Interest of Aging in Place Remodeling

A Role You Knew Was Coming But Didn’t Want to Think About

aging in place home modifications

Home Modifications Can do Much to Transform People’s Lives

Modifications Protect Lives in a Pandemic

aging in place design

Aging in Place: The Obstacle is the Way

Turning the Obstacle Into the Way is Easily Applied to Aging in Place

In-Home Care

self-care is health-care aging in place

Self Care is Health Care

Soul-Stirring Experiences Can Only be Described as “Home Health”

Aging in Place Nursing

Nurse in the Family A Cautionary Tale

Nurse in the Family the Caregiver Role Can Default to You

Aging in Place: Health Ecology

Study Which Evaluates Human Wellness in Regard to Their Total Environment

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