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Patrick's Corner

aging in place

I’d Rather Risk Aging in Place

Lives Should Include a Balance of Downside RISKs and Upside RISKs

aging in place

Aging Well KISS

KISS for Aging Well Within Your Age

aging in place reverse mortgage

Aging in Place with Reverse Mortgage

A Reverse Mortgage is a Negatively Amortizing Loan

Aging In Place

A book with the title of women, joys and wish.


Aging in Place is living in the home and community of your choice as you age.

Our Mission:

I’ve designed with over 35 years of experience working with and researching older adults. My goal for you dear visitor is to pass on relevant/actionable information that Informs, Empowers, and yes even Delights. You are not alone on this Journey, I have assembled the very best advisors who will share their Ideas and Inspirations. Let’s see what we can accomplish together.

“You’re Home by Choice.”

– Patrick Roden RN Ph.D. Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS)

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smart home technology for aging in place

Smart Aging in Place

Smart Home Technology for Aging in Place

aging in place technology

Top 10 Aging in Place Practical Technologies

These Aging-in-Place Technologies are Easily Acquired

aging in place technology

Aging in Place Tech Brings Children Relief

93% of Respondents Favored Aging in Place

Housing & Remodeling

aging in place

Reverse Mortgage to the Rescue

Effect of Aging in Place with a Reverse Mortgage

aging in place

Can You Speak Aging in Place?

Understanding the Language Opens Doors to New Possibilities

aging in place

Three Problem Areas for Aging in Place

Three Aging in Place Challenge Areas

In-Home Care

aging in place

Assisted Loneliness

To be human is to be Interdependent

A woman sitting on top of a bed with her head in her hands.

UTIs the Enemy of Aging in Place

This Aliment is a Very Real Threat to Remaining Home “Independently”

A man hugging a woman holding a gift.

Caregiver Don’t Go it Alone

I know From Experience the Caregiver Quicksand He’s About to Step In

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