Housing & Remodeling

aging in place

Reverse Mortgage to the Rescue

Effect of Aging in Place with a Reverse Mortgage

aging in place

Can You Speak Aging in Place?

Understanding the Language Opens Doors to New Possibilities

aging in place

Three Problem Areas for Aging in Place

Three Aging in Place Challenge Areas

aging in place

Aging in Place Ableism Furniture

Universal Design Covers Form, Function and Feeling

aging in place

Aging in Place Ranch Style

Boomers Are Coming Full Circle And Desiring A Simpler Time

aging in place

Optimizing Home Lighting for Seniors

Understanding the Impact of Aging Eyes

A woman laying on the ground smiling at the camera.

Who is Liv-Connected?

Welcome to a Revolution in Home Building

A close up of a barbie doll 's face

Barbie’s (Forever) Dream Home

Barbie’s Dream Home Seems to Reflect the Cultural Climate

aging in place

ai Generated Aging in Place Check List

Take This List to a CAPS Remodeler to Prioritize

A man with white hair and glasses looking at papers.

Aging in Place: Prioritizing Proper Lighting

Optimizing Home Lighting is Crucial for Aging Eyes

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