Patrick’s Corner

A woman with her hands on the head of a swimming pool.

Longevity By-Product of Pushing Your Limits

No pills, Potions, Snake Oil, Gurus, Expensive Gym Memberships or Expert Trainers

A woman in white shirt and jeans posing for the camera.

Women, Aging & Myths

Older Women Live at The Nexus of Ageism and Sexism

A man standing on the edge of a pier.

Longevity Depends on Environment

Environment is the Scaffolding Upon Which All Endeavors Into Longevity Must Be Based


A white rocking chair on the porch of a beach house.
A white room with sunlight coming through the window.

Aging in Place: Aesthetic Experience

Aesthetics Are Synonymous With Life

A person standing on the beach with their arms in the air.

Aging in Place: Waited too Long

I Waited too Long to Visit

A woman standing in front of a table with a laptop.

Who is Ready For Aging in Place?

Are Your Parents Ready for Aging in Place? Are You?

A woman sitting on top of a couch reading.

Aging in Place Women Left Out

She Reported That She Lives Where She Can Couch Surfs And Home Sits

A woman sitting on the ground wearing jeans and white shirt.

Aging in Place Social Capital Strategy

Women Creating and Committing to “Social Capital”

A woman with white hair smiling for the camera.

Aging in Place Service

The Power of Purpose In Our Lives As we Age

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