Patrick’s Corner

aging in place

Old Guys

Life Without Purpose Can Descend Into Self-absorption

Age in place


Developed to the Point of Readiness for Harvesting

aging in place

Ace of Cups

Put a Women in Charge 

aging in place

AGING: 7 Meta-Themes

Themes on Aging That Find Their Way Into THE WORK Repeatedly

Valentines Day Aging in Place

For the LOVE of Aging in Place

Valentine’s Day Traces its Origins to an Annual Roman Pagan Celebration Called Lupercalia

Age in place

Aging in Place is a misnomer?

There is a Movement as of Late Talking About “Aging in the Right Place”

The Burden of Aging in Place

The Burden of Aging in Place

The “Burden Issue” of Aging in Place
Age-Friendly Choices Have Ripple Efects

Solo Aging in place

Aging in Place Solo

The Plan for Solo Aging in Place
Your Future Your Way

Aging in Place

Old Fool

Gerontological Correctness on Foolishness and Wisdom

aging in place

INSPIRATION: Late Life Freedom

Then There Are Those Who Walk Freely Amongst The Pour Sensing Every Drop

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