Patrick’s Corner

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Aging in Place Solo

The Plan for Solo Aging in Place
Your Future Your Way

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Old Fool

Gerontological Correctness on Foolishness and Wisdom

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INSPIRATION: Late Life Freedom

Then There Are Those Who Walk Freely Amongst The Pour Sensing Every Drop

A man with a helmet on and a bicycle leaning against the wall.

Boomers Choose Assisted Bikes Over Assisted Living

Boomer eBiking Accelerates Since COVID19

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Creativity and The Life Course Perspective

Human Development Throughout the Lifespan

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Do You Want to be an Old Woman?

It is NOT About ANTI-aging—in Fact Just the Opposite

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Reflections on White Privilege

Reflections on White Privilege by a White Male Nurse

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Convince Your Children That You Should Stay

Convince Your Children That You Should Stay In Your Own Home

A man with glasses and beard writing on paper

Ageism Called Out

We Are Aged by Culture Don’t Buy In

A man in a suit and tie holding a tablet.

COVID-19 Boomer Career Skills

Your Opportunity to Employ First-Principle Thinking

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