Longevity By-Product of Pushing Your Limits

A man and woman laying in bed smiling for the camera.

You can break through old limits, past inertia, and fear, to… richness of choice, freedom, human closeness.

~ Marilyn Ferguson


Aging in Place

One of my favorite websites related to issues of AGING is boomingencore.com. Their content is worth your time and energy because it is relevant to living a fuller life. For example, this morning I read their story ‘Pushing Your Limits as You Age,’ it got my attention because this is exactly how I choose to age.

The post includes a brief description then a meaningful and pithy video about a group of mutually supporting women–they call themselves fondly, “The Buckettes” all over the age of 50, who meet, “come rain or shine” for an ocean swim.

As I watched the delightful video, longevity themes easily emerged from the dialogue, secrets to living long and well, surfaced. The lessons are these (as you watch see if you can detect them too):

  • Building “Social Capital”
  • Novelty and Complexity
  • Commitment to something larger than the self (the group)
  • Exercise
  • Meaning making
  • Purpose
  • Over-coming self-imposed obstacles / Self-efficacy
  • Gender bonding
  • Mutual support
  • All of these components together are the makings of a life well lived–and LONGEVITY is the by-product. No pills, potions, snake oil, gurus, expensive gym memberships or expert trainers.

The message here is very accessible…Here’s to your best life!


The Video: SEA BIRDS

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DeEtte Sauer Swimming Circles around Aging

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