Patrick’s Corner


Lessons on Living

My Parents Started Our Adult Care Home Named Golden Years

aging in place

Longevity By-Product of Pushing Your Limits

No pills, Potions, Snake Oil, Gurus, Expensive Gym Memberships or Expert Trainers

women aging

Women, Aging & Myths

Older Women Live at The Nexus of Ageism and Sexism

aging in place

Longevity Depends on Environment

Environment is the Scaffolding Upon Which All Endeavors Into Longevity Must Be Based


aging in place
aging in place

Aging in Place: Aesthetic Experience

Aesthetics Are Synonymous With Life

aging in place

Aging in Place: Waited too Long

I Waited too Long to Visit

aging in place

Who is Ready For Aging in Place?

Are Your Parents Ready for Aging in Place? Are You?

aging in place

Aging in Place Women Left Out

She Reported That She Lives Where She Can Couch Surfs And Home Sits

aging in place

Aging in Place Social Capital Strategy

Women Creating and Committing to “Social Capital”

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