Patrick’s Corner

aging in place

Happy Gerontology

I Don’t Take Pleasure in Presenting Only One Side of The Narrative


20 Things Nobody Tells You About Growing Older

You Will be the Oldest One in the Room Eventually, and Other Surprises.

aging in place

Gray Divorce is on the Rise

What Percentage of Midlife Divorces are Initiated by Women?

aging in place

They Are Anything But Invisible

Why Are We Drawn to Those Who Are a Beautiful Expression of Aging?

aging in place

Identity Conflict

You’re Still Becoming

aging in place

What is “Successful Aging?”

What Does Successful Aging Even Mean?

aging in place

Aging in Place Wth a Commitment Device

A Commitment Device is a Technique Where Someone Makes it Easier for Themselves

aging in place

Lifelong Effects of Traumatic P.E. Class Experiences

P.E. Class Trauma Kept Many From the Life Enhancing Benefits

aging in place

Writing a Book on Women and Aging

The Book Can Change Lives For The Better

aging in place

Leg Strength Longevity and Aging in Place

Leg Strength as Indicator of Longeivty

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