Patrick’s Corner

aging in place

Aging in Place ProFILE

Kris Helps People in Need

aging in place

The False Promise of Ageless Aging

What do You Think of the Term “Ageless Aging?”

aging in place

Aging Boomer Trends

Two Boomer Trends Provide Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

A woman in white shirt and jeans posing for the camera.

Women Writing about Aging/Longevity

There is a Rich Tradition and History of Women Writing About Aging

aging in place

Externalities of Ageism

Ageism and the Cost of Externalities

aging in place

eBooklet Designed For Aging in Place Professionals

Human Development is Possible All Along the Life Course

aging in place

Age Shaming

Gerontophobia of This Kind Denies Human Potential

aging in place

Aging in Place Making Better Bad Choices 

Dealing With Family Can be the Most Challenging

aging in place

Aging in Place Ageism dies Hard

There Has Been Concerted Effort to Deny That Aging is Living

aging in place

Rethinking Aging in Context

We are Aged not Just by Biology, but also by Culture

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