Patrick’s Corner

A man and woman in robes holding cucumber slices.

Aging in Place as Acronym

Keys to Successful Aging in Place (Acronym)

A man in white sweater standing with his arms crossed.

Aging in Place in a Nutshell

Wrestling The Same Aging in Place Issues 9 Years Later

A pie with blueberries on top of it.

She Believed She Could

Women Over 50 Are The Top Demographic Worldwide Starting Businesses

A man with his hands crossed and eyes closed.

Old Guys

Life Without Purpose Can Descend Into Self-absorption

A woman with grey hair wearing a blue shirt.


Developed to the Point of Readiness for Harvesting

A woman with headphones on holding her phone.

Ace of Cups

Put a Women in Charge 

A woman in grey jacket holding up her face mask.

AGING: 7 Meta-Themes

Themes on Aging That Find Their Way Into THE WORK Repeatedly

A bicycle with flowers in the basket on the front of it.

For the LOVE of Aging in Place

Valentine’s Day Traces its Origins to an Annual Roman Pagan Celebration Called Lupercalia

A man with a towel on his head is in the mirror.

Aging in Place is a misnomer?

There is a Movement as of Late Talking About “Aging in the Right Place”

A woman and two women are playing wii together.

The Burden of Aging in Place

The “Burden Issue” of Aging in Place
Age-Friendly Choices Have Ripple Efects

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