Patrick’s Corner

A person sitting on top of a hill looking at the earth.

How Planet Earth Views Aging

How Planet Earth Views Aging by Astronomer Harriet Witt

A man with long white beard and wearing suspenders.

Myth of Declining Creativity

Conventional Thinking is that Creativity Declines With Age

A woman in white shorts and top dancing next to chair.

Longevity 2024

Longevity Recipe for 2020

A man sitting at the table eating something

Breaking the Hemingway Code Aging in Place

Holidays Alone Aging in Place

Aging in The Right Place

Doing Things With Them

Aging in the Right place and Doing Things With Them

Elderly female aging in place

Aging in Place / Saying Thanks

Aging in Place / Saying Thanks

A woman in white jacket and hat waving.
A pink bicycle is parked against the wall.

The U-Curve of Happiness

The U-Curve of Happiness and Aging

Aging in Place Longevity

Aging Group Mastermind

Thoughts on Aging from a Recent Mastermind

aging in place

Longevity Project Car

Longevity: A Rusty Old American Dream

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