Patrick’s Corner

rural ageing in place

Rural Aging in Place

The Rural Aging in Place Paradox.

elderly transportation

Transportation Life-Style

Transportation Options for Older Adults.

ageing in place with gray gigs

Gray Gigs Concierge Service

Aging in Place with the gig economy.

women ageing in the suburbs

6 Challenges for Women Aging in Suburbia

6 Challenges for Women Aging in Suburbia.

golden girls life style ageing in place

9 Reasons ‘Golden Girls’ Lifestyle May Be for You

9 Reasons ‘Golden Girls’ Lifestyle May Be for You.

happiness ageing in place

Architecture of Happiness

One Woman’s Story of Happily Ever after by Design.

What Documents to Keep

Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ by AARP columnist Kerry Hannon.

ageing in place with pets

Aging in Place With Pets

Aging in Place With Pets.

vacation home to forever home ageing in place

Turn a Vacation Home to Forever Home

The 4 Top Ways to Turn a Vacation Home Into a “Forever Home.”

Wheeelchair accessible travel aging in place

Accessible Adventures

Accessible Adventures with Media Personality John Williams.

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