Patrick’s Corner

A man with grey hair is smiling for the camera.

Aging in Place Saying Thanks

I Am Delighted to Find Your Website as a Resource For My Clients, Friends, and Myself

A dog sitting in front of a window looking out.

Aging in Place Petite Thoughts

The Emotional and Practical Ingredients of Aging in Place at Home

A man swinging on a rope swing in the water.

Aging in Place: Live Within Each Age

Living Fully Within Each Age Means Not Staying Forever Young

A man painting on canvas in an art studio.

Creatively Aging

Artist-as-Cultural Outsider is a SuperPower in Old Age

A white door with two windows and a plant in the corner.

At Home With Growing Older

There is a Beauty in the Order of Place

A butterfly flying in the sky with sun shining

A Mother’s Message: My Love is Forever

She Will Always Be With You

A man sitting at a table with a cup in front of him.
A woman holding a flower in her hand.

On Aging: Reality Check

Acknowledging the Realities of Aging by Dr. Harry (Rick) Moody

A woman with her hands on the face

On Aging: Realism Over Aspiration

Prioritizing Realism Over Aspiration for Business Success

A man with grey hair and beard holding glasses.

Men, Retirement and the Loss of Role

Who were you when you were somebody?

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