Patrick’s Corner

aging in place

Creativity and The Life Course Perspective

Human Development Throughout the Lifespan

Age in place

Do You Want to be an Old Woman?

It is NOT About ANTI-aging—in Fact Just the Opposite

aging in place black lives matter

Reflections on White Privilege

Reflections on White Privilege by a White Male Nurse

aging in place COVID19

Convince Your Children That You Should Stay

Convince Your Children That You Should Stay In Your Own Home

age in place

Ageism Called Out

We Are Aged by Culture Don’t Buy In

aging in place

COVID-19 Boomer Career Skills

Your Opportunity to Employ First-Principle Thinking

COVID-19 Aging in Place

Aging in Place and COVID-19

Aging in the Era of COVID-19

aging in place social isolation

Architectural Fix for Loneliness

Simple Architectural Solution to Loneliness: “A Friendly Bench”

Professor Harriet Witt on Aging

How Planet Earth Views Aging

How Planet Earth Views Aging by Astronomer Harriet Witt

aging in place creativity

Myth of Declining Creativity

Conventional Thinking is that Creativity Declines With Age

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