Patrick’s Corner

A man with glasses is reading a book

Keep Resolutions Say Goodbye to Old Friends

Opening the Cover is Really Saying “Hello”

A person in a wheelchair is sitting on the ground

Life Review Post Caregiver Role

Losing Loved Ones Somehow Clarifies One’s Thinking

A gift box with blue ribbon on the table

Awaken Love, JOY and PEACE From a Box

Love Never Dies, it Just Changes Shape and Form

A woman sitting on the couch in front of a christmas tree.

Older Neighbor Alone on Christmas

View This as an Opportunity to do Good

A close up of santa claus wearing glasses

Santa Could Use Some Accessibility

Fear Not Children it’s Called VISITABILITY

A brown teddy bear sitting on top of the floor.

TikTok Influencer’s Effect on Teens Aging (It’s Not Good)

Prejuvenation: The Global New Anti-Aging Trend

A woman with long white hair is smiling.

Aging Into New Roles With Bill Kole

Bill Now Earned the Burden of Insight into What Aging Means


Happy Gerontology

I Don’t Take Pleasure in Presenting Only One Side of The Narrative

A woman with white hair is holding her head

20 Things Nobody Tells You About Growing Older

You Will be the Oldest One in the Room Eventually, and Other Surprises.

A woman holding her phone up to the side of her face.

Gray Divorce is on the Rise

What Percentage of Midlife Divorces are Initiated by Women?

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