Patrick’s Corner

A young child is writing on paper at the table.

Baby Chasers Aging in Place

Aging in Place was About Grandchildren

aging in place

I’d Rather Risk Aging in Place

Lives Should Include a Balance of Downside RISKs and Upside RISKs

aging in place

Aging Well KISS

KISS for Aging Well Within Your Age

aging in place reverse mortgage

Aging in Place with Reverse Mortgage

A Reverse Mortgage is a Negatively Amortizing Loan

aging in place

Applied Continuity Theory of Normal Aging

Lifetime Artist have a Strong Continuity of Self

aging in place

Activities to Avoid After 75

Ignore and Move Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams

aging in place

Aging in the Wrong Place

The Aging in Place Paradox is Real

aging in place

Design for Everyone

Human Flourishing Requires Good Design

aging in place

Aging in Place; What’s Ageism got to do with it?

Ageism is a Self-Efficacy Killer


Design for Feeling

It’s Hard to Make Something Easy to Use

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