Patrick’s Corner

aging in place

Aging in Place Saying Thanks

I Am Delighted to Find Your Website as a Resource For My Clients, Friends, and Myself

aging in place

Aging in Place Petite Thoughts

The Emotional and Practical Ingredients of Aging in Place at Home

aging in place

Aging in Place: Live Within Each Age

Living Fully Within Each Age Means Not Staying Forever Young

aging in place

Creatively Aging

Artist-as-Cultural Outsider is a SuperPower in Old Age

aging in place

At Home With Growing Older

There is a Beauty in the Order of Place

aging in place

A Mother’s Message: My Love is Forever

She Will Always Be With You

aging in place
aging in place

On Aging: Reality Check

Acknowledging the Realities of Aging by Dr. Harry (Rick) Moody

aging in place

On Aging: Realism Over Aspiration

Prioritizing Realism Over Aspiration for Business Success

Age in place

Men, Retirement and the Loss of Role

Who were you when you were somebody?

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