They Are Anything But Invisible

A man and woman laying in bed smiling for the camera.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Aging in Place

Why are we drawn to those who are a beautiful expression of aging? And when I say “we” I really am speaking for myself here–although it seems to be a shared experience. Whether it’s in a café or a park walking the dog, encounters with mature women (focus on women for this post) who are aging well within their age (not anti-aging), always have an allure; there is something about them.

Yes, it is cultural and subjective, but there is a certain something, an essence, it’s almost palpable, a presence that appeals. A sense of self-assuredness, mature personal style, and beingness that has been cultivated and forged over years of living and experience. They are anything but invisible.

The quote “We are aged by culture” is attributed to Margaret Mead, an American cultural anthropologist. Mead knew aging is not just a physical phenomenon, but a cultural one too. In a youth-obsessed culture countless women can attest to this personally. Many women will also report that Life can be better with the passage of time in multiple ways, thanks to the advantages and opportunities that come with age. This is where the scaffolding of that intangible essence of a beautiful expression of aging comes into play.

Elements of a Beautiful Expression of Aging

Here (in general terms) are the elements that inform that beautiful expression of aging:

Wisdom and Experience: Older women have accumulated a wealth of life experience, knowledge, and wisdom. They have had time to learn from successes and failures, which can lead to better decision-making and a more nuanced understanding of the world.

Personal Growth and Self-Acceptance: With age often comes a greater sense of self-acceptance and self-confidence. Older women may have a clearer understanding of their values, priorities, and strengths, allowing them to embrace their authentic selves and live life on their own terms.

Strong Social Networks: Older women tend to have well-established social networks built over the course of their lives. These networks can provide support, companionship, and opportunities for meaningful connections and shared experiences.

Increased Freedom and Independence: Many older women experience a sense of liberation and freedom as they retire from work or have fewer caregiving responsibilities. This newfound freedom allows them to pursue hobbies, interests, and personal goals that may have been put on hold during earlier stages of life.

Opportunities for Reinvention and Exploration: Age can be a time of reinvention and exploration. Older women often can explore new passions, start new careers, travel, engage in volunteer work, or pursue higher education. This can bring a sense of fulfillment and excitement.

Emotional Well-being: Older women may have developed coping mechanisms and emotional resilience over time. They may have a better ability to manage stress, adapt to challenges, and maintain emotional well-being. Research suggests that older adults generally experience higher levels of life satisfaction and happiness compared to younger age groups.

Intergenerational Relationships: Older women often have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with younger generations, including grandchildren and extended family members. These relationships can bring joy, purpose, and a sense of continuity.

Advocacy and Empowerment: Older women have the potential to become advocates for issues they care about, using their voices and experiences to bring about positive change in their communities and society as a whole. This advocacy can contribute to a sense of purpose and make a difference in the world.

Confidence: Confidence is often seen as attractive at any age. Older women who exude self-assurance, embrace their life experiences, and feel comfortable in their own skin can be quite captivating.

Inner Beauty: Beauty goes beyond physical appearance. Older women who radiate kindness, compassion, and a positive outlook on life can be incredibly attractive. Inner beauty and a warm personality can be magnetic and draw people toward them.

Independence and Self-Sufficiency: Older women who are self-reliant, independent, and have a strong sense of personal identity can be very appealing. This shows strength, resilience, and the ability to navigate life on their own terms.

Style and Elegance: Older women often develop their own unique sense of style over the years. Whether it’s through fashion choices, grooming, or personal expression, a sophisticated and tasteful approach can be highly attractive.

Emotional Maturity: Emotional stability and the ability to communicate effectively are qualities that many people find attractive. Older women who have developed emotional maturity and can navigate relationships with grace and understanding can be alluring.

Sense of Humor: Older women who have a playful and lighthearted attitude, who can laugh at themselves and enjoy life’s moments, are often seen as attractive and enjoyable to be around.

Life Balance: Older women who have found a balance between their personal life, relationships, career, and self-care can be captivating. The ability to manage responsibilities and still prioritize personal well-being can be alluring to others.

Of course, It’s important to note that some of these qualities are not exclusive to older women and can be attractive in people of all ages. Attractiveness is subjective and varies from person to person, so individual preferences may differ. It’s essential to appreciate and value the uniqueness and beauty within every individual, regardless of age. Yet, I find qualities of this nature are more likely to be encountered in women past the age of 50.

Writer Mary Piper noted Somehow, I always felt that growing old happened to other people, and we soon find out it’s a universal experience for those fortunate enough to reach fifty and beyond.

You are coming into your own, and you wear it well…



I have no desire

to fit in.

No plans

to walk with the crowd.

I have my own mind,


and soul.

I am me

and it

has taken me years

to realize

how important that is.

~ R.M Drake




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