Patrick’s Corner

age in place

Grumpy Old Man Syndrome

The Grumpy Old Man Syndrome (GOMS)

age in place

Age in Place: Audience Engagement

Aging in Place Know Their WHY

aging in place paradox

3 Aging in Place Paradoxes

3 Paradoxes of Aging in Place

age in place HR Moody

Aging Urban Legends

HR Moody on Urban Legends About Aging

Health eBytes Aging in place

Health eBytes: Exemplary Life

Health eBytes Living The Exemplary Life by Dr. Rama

age in place disasters

Age in Place Disaster Strikes!

The Story Behind the Story

Gerontophobia Fear of Aging


The FEAR of Aging

Kerry Hannon aging

Father’s Day Wisdom

Kerry Hannon on Lessons her Father Taught her

aging in place seniors

Listening to Seniors

Elderly Home Owners Concerns

age in place

Aging in the Wright Place

The Gordon House
by Frank Lloyd Wright
Aging in Place the Wright Way

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