Patrick’s Corner

A woman with her hands on her chin.

Age in Place: When it Doesn’t Work

As A Society We Need To Do Better

A man and woman in robes holding cucumber slices.

Aging in Place as Acronym

Keys to Successful Aging in Place (Acronym)

A man in white sweater standing with his arms crossed.

Aging in Place in a Nutshell

Wrestling The Same Aging in Place Issues 9 Years Later

A pie with blueberries on top of it.

She Believed She Could

Women Over 50 Are The Top Demographic Worldwide Starting Businesses

A man with his hands crossed and eyes closed.

Old Guys

Life Without Purpose Can Descend Into Self-absorption

A woman with grey hair wearing a blue shirt.


Developed to the Point of Readiness for Harvesting

A woman with headphones on holding her phone.

Ace of Cups

Put a Women in Charge 

A woman in grey jacket holding up her face mask.

AGING: 7 Meta-Themes

Themes on Aging That Find Their Way Into THE WORK Repeatedly

A man with a towel on his head is in the mirror.

Aging in Place is a misnomer?

There is a Movement as of Late Talking About “Aging in the Right Place”

A woman and two women are playing wii together.

The Burden of Aging in Place

The “Burden Issue” of Aging in Place
Age-Friendly Choices Have Ripple Efects

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