Ace of Cups

A man and woman laying in bed smiling for the camera.

“She believed she could, so she did.”

~Unknown ”

Aging in Place

I just left a Zoom meeting sponsored by Fielding University featuring the all female band that started in the 19060’s ACE OF CUPS.

They were at the epicenter of the Summer of Love (1967) and that is the scaffolding upon which they are now ROCKING with a cause. I will avoid the trinary of “still” (Bill Thomas agrees, the term is off-putting), rather they are in a new cycle of the life-long process that is creativity.

Hold on to your stereotypes, they are about to be shattered…

Ace of Cups TOP 10 Takeaways: (I was taking notes)
1. Put a Women in Charge
2. Intersectionality of Crone / Rocker (an unlikely pairing “busting myths”)
3. It’s Never too late to become what you might have been
4. Dreams deferred from childhood need to be revisited
5. Pushing the limits on gender norms from the summer of love to now
6. Creativity across the lifespan
7. With age comes the wisdom to subordinate the self for a greater result / be open to intergenerational synergy
8. Find a new friend who doesn’t look like–but the key here, also may not THINK like you (this is where divinity moves in)
9. “I own my age now”
10. With age comes the capacity for fierce forgiveness
Listening to the collective wisdom of these wise women was such a tonic. Rock in the service of the greater good is something I can get behind, not to mention successful aging!
Enjoyed the session and hope to hear much more from these rocking ladies.
No Rocking Chairs here!!!
Ace of Cups Awarded the Creative Longevity and Wisdom Award
Ace of Cups youtube
Cheers, Patrick (Creative Longevity and Wisdom Fellow 2005 )

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