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Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

~ Theodore Roosevelt


Aging in Place

LinkedIn is a remarkable social network, the platform facilitates sharing ideas, asking professional advice, career information, advertising goods and services, and networking—to mention a few possibilities.

It was the networking aspect that introduced me to Kris Wilson. Kris is an Occupational Therapist and Certified Home Safety Consultant. He is the creative force behind Modified Independence Evaluations Inc.

Kris did the usual comment on a post in my LinkedIn network, and I found it thoughtful, so I followed the reference tree to his website and videos. After only a few minutes I could confirm Kris was the real deal.

I’m so happy to find professionals like Kris who are in the trenches, doing the less glamourous work of hands on caring, and making people’s lives at home a safer and richer experience.

The 3 Character Traits of an Extra-ordinary Professional

Kris Wilson has 3 traits I Look for and admire in the field of home safety and accessibility for older adults.

1). An Extensive knowledge base and hands-on experience. This is someone I can learn from.

2). He is *Quirky in a good way. Kris has a need to perform that is evident in his videos. This is essential for several reasons, 1) we are in the era of infotainment (something he gets) and to have your message see the light of day it must be entertaining, 2) the topic can be dry, and humor makes the medicine go down 3) Bonus, I like offbeat people. Period.

3). Kris Cares about his work and the people he is serving—that’s palpable.


I encourage you to visit his website (all this is unsolicited by Kris), watch his videos, employ him if you’re in his area, and maybe just connect to network with him. I plan on staying in touch and following his stuff—I have more to learn from him.


Kris Wilson LinkedIn Website / ABOUT

Kris helps people in need make their homes more accessible and safer.

*Note Quirky refers to someone or something that is unconventional, peculiar, or idiosyncratic in a way that is charming or endearing. It often implies a sense of uniqueness or individuality (

aging in place


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