Aging in Place Q/A

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Aging in Place

We’re shopping for a new-last home, a “forever home,” and wondering want should we be looking for?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Location Location Location (20″ neighborhood near shops, entertainment, medical facilities, transit centers, recreation sites/green spaces)
  • Open floor plans
  • One level living with Master bedroom, bath, and kitchen all on same single floor
  • Multi-level work areas
  • Flooring that is non-slip and environmentally friendly
  • Technology/smart-home that offers security and safety
  • Designed lighting for direct, indirect and task uses that increase safety and security

When is our home considered a candidate for remodeling?

  • When there are life changing events in the family (i.e. stroke, retirement, accident,) for sure, but even more advantageous to pre-plan so you’re not making decisions in crisis mode
  • When the space maybe shared by multi-generational inhabitants/family
  • When upgrades will increase the value of the home (many are now looking for one level with open floor plans as the population ages)
  • When the environment no longer serves you well and you’re finding it more challenging to navigate or it becomes unsafe

Who can do the appropriate remodeling for “aging in place?”

  • CAPS stands for “Certified Aging in Place Specialist” these professionals have undertaken special training in how to remodeling your age-in-place home.
  • They can be found at the National Association of Home Builders website;
  • CAPS re-modelers and professionals will evaluate your home in terms of safety, health, and budget. Often construction/building experts work alongside with physical/occupational therapists for best practices on environments for aging.


Start with one simple thing like getting rid of throw rugs or place them on walls for decorations–and then build momentum for the next easy step…

Google Companies like Best Buy or ADT which are now heavily involved in aging in place technologies, consult with them and they can do the installation for you.

Find an Animal shelter near you to become a volunteer–or better yet adopt a Shelter Dog to LOVE (meet new people and get excise at the dog-park!)

Call up an old Friend and schedule an in-person get together (or dog walk)

Join a gym like Fitness Over 50 or SilverSneakers (Get fit and meet new friends)


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