A woman looking at her watch while holding a pen.

Joseph Coughlin MIT AgeLab

Joseph Coughlin is a Tour de Force Clad in Plumage

A young boy hugging an older woman.

Intergenerational Connection On Their Terms

This Deeper Discussion Would Have Never Happened Face-to-Face

A man sitting at his desk looking at the camera

Age in Place GeroTechnology

Gerontechnology the Crossroads of Advancing Technology/Advancing age

A woman sitting on steps looking at her laptop.

Gerotech A New Voice

This is Someone to Watch in Gero-Technology

A woman sitting at her desk with her hands behind her head.

5 Tips for Smoother Telehealth Appointments

Simple Tips to Make Your Next Telehealth Visit Successful

A wheelchair in the middle of a hospital room.

Autonomous Wheelchairs

The Evolution of Personal Mobility Devices

A man holding an apple and looking at the camera.

“What if” for Aging in Place

Aging and the Necessity of Isolation Are Human Dilemmas in Search of Solutions

A woman in white lab coat holding a tablet.

The Rise of Telemedicine

Telehealth: Technology Meets Health Care

A woman sitting on the couch talking on her phone.

Elder Financial Fraud/Abuse

Elder Financial abuse is one of the most fundamental threats to aging in place

TECHY: Aging in Place Drones

TECHY: Aging in Place Drones

TECHY: Aging in Place Drones

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