Complementary Aging in Place Tech

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We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.

~ Marshall McLuhan


Synonyms of complementary

: serving to fill out or complete… their economies are more complementary than competitive …

–William Petersen

: mutually supplying each other’s lack… the complementary relationship that binds the two.

–Colin S. Gray


Aging in Place

I have always advocated for referring to “Aging-in-place” as a state of being interdependent. Most of the time you will read or hear professionals in the field equate the term with independence. They are equating aging in place with freedom from institutional settings such as nursing homes.

But the notion that aging in place equates to “independence” is a bit of a misnomer–anyone with aging parents will attest to that. It’s not done (or not easily done) in isolation; often a system of support is needed.

One such support that has been strongly trending for the past several decades is aging-in-place technology. The success stories have been a mixed bag of failures and limited application. Many start-ups have entered the arena and failed after much anticipation and investment.

ElliQ AI Robot Companion

ElliQ is the first ever proactive, voice-operated care companion designed to empower independence and support you in taking control of your social, mental, and physical well-being.

There is one company that has, in my opinion, created a gerontechnology device for aging in place that facilitates remaining home by choice. The product is called ElliQ and is powered by breakthrough Artificial Intelligence (AI).

I’m not going to delve into the functions here–my point is to introduce you to the technology and tell you why I think it’s worth looking into.

Points I like about ElliQ for Aging in Place

1. EillQ multitasking (not one trick pony tech)

2. Human to robot attachment potential (connection)

3 Will appeal to tech-savvy millennials who will purchase for parents

4. Non-stigmatizing design for boomers (cool looking)

5. Boomer “tech-cred” social approval with cohorts (doesn’t give off assistive device vibe) but hints “early adopter” vibe.

Then there is all that it is designed to do…They have designed a cool product with INTER-dependence in mind.

I began this post with the definition of the word “Complementary.” The reason was to emphasize technology like EillQ complements other support systems–that is, technology can fill out or supply support where there are gaps. Gerotech is not the only solution, but one that can be a fundamental player in keeping older adults safe, healthy, at home, and giving adult children peace of mind.


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