On Aging


On Aging: Becoming

Aging is Becoming


On Aging: Blame Aging

“Secondary Aging”

Age in place transportation

On Aging: Symbolic Cars

Symbolic Cars

age in place senior couple
Our Environments Presume Youth

On Aging: The Presumption of Youth

The Presumption of Youth

age in place Grandmother and her grandson

On Aging: Keepers of the Stories

We become custodians of a past…


On Aging: The Goal

On Aging: The Goal

succesful aging in place

On Aging: My Tribe

My Tribe is aging well.

On Aging aging in place

On Aging: Wisdom Letting Go

Wisdom that comes with age…

aging in place CAPS

On Aging: About Remodeling for Aging in Place

The older I get, the more I believe.  

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