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When the image is new, the world is new.

~Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space


Aging in Place

I get approached via my website CONTACT page by people from all over our nation and the world. Some are looking for specific help with aging in place, others are seeking general information and resources for loved ones. The questions are wide in scope and vary from where to get Free services to finding transportation or accessible real estate in their area. These are folks in need, often in crisis, and just want answers. These are the “end-users” of aging in place content. I do what I can to help.

Then there are the professionals who use the contact page to introduce me to products, services, or other opportunities related to aging in place and/or aging in general. Here I’m more discerning in my approach to helping or getting involved (Vetting).

Recently I was approached through the Contact page by Jennifer Noll of She wanted me to view her company website and read about the offerings. She felt their products were potentially a good fit since we were both in the “business” of helping others with aging in place. I do my best to respond back as time allows, often it’s a thank you and I wish them luck in the growing field of environmental gerontology and longevity…This time was different.

I clicked on the website ( and two things that ALWAYS get my attention jumped out: 1) Aesthetics 2) a personal compelling story:

1). Aesthetics

The images of their products simply appealed–Period. They get it…I’ve written extensively on the key issue of non-stigmatizing design to overcome barriers to adoption. They have created gorgeous examples of marrying form + function = aging in place delightful design. This is no small feat, trust me, I’ve been looking for accessible design that is beautiful and works for years—this is not easy to find.

2). A Personal Compelling Story

They had me at THE MILLEA LIVING STORY page. The 1980’s organizational guru, Steven Covey once said that what is most personal is most important. To Jennifer and her sister, Jackie Millea (CEO) of this endeavor, it’s personal. I urge you to go to the site and read the ABOUT page and discover the genesis of their efforts to make accessibility a reality for others. It’s compelling…

Words Matter

Prior to my introductory call with Jennifer I looked over their site, there I found words like:

~Purposefully Designed



~Independent Life

~Be Uniquely You

She was right, we do share common goals to make things better for others and employ many of the same concepts and words to get it done. I welcome to the party, we have our work cut out for us—but as I always remind colleagues; If you want a BIG Opportunity, find a BIG Problem and aging in place is both.



“Judith Bench”

aging in place design

Design Icon: Michael Graves

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