12 Steps to Build Social Capital

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Isolation is the New Smoking…


Social capital and successful aging: the role of senior housing

Social capital is defined as the resources available to individuals and groups through social connections and social relations with others. Access to social capital enables older citizens to maintain productive, independent, and fulfilling lives.~Cannuscio, Block J, Kawachi I

The New Smoking

Social isolation and loneliness are known to increased mortality in older adults and has been linked to other adverse health effects, including dementia, increased risk for hospital readmission and increased risk of falls.

Building “social capital” can stave off the negative effects of going it alone.

Here’s a 12-step approach to staying in the game:

1) Audit a University Class U of Colorado/Denver LifeLong Learners

2) Technology Connections: Discover selfhelp.net “Where Seniors Connect”

3) Hire a Reputable Home Health Companion Service Like SeniorHeplers.com

4) Adopt a Shelter Pet and become a Dog Park Regular The Shelter Pet Project

5) Join a Book Club at your local Library

6) Volunteer we need you, Be a part of the solution

7) Join a Gym and become a regular “gym rat” SilverSneakers.com

8) Attend Places of Worship; church.org can find one near you for example

9) Volunteer at a local hospital or gift shop Get started here at Volunteer Match

10) Volunteering in Public Health

11) Stay in Touch with Neighbors/tea/watch their pet/sit on the front porch

12) Maintain Mobility and visibility in the community, a Scooter can do that!

13) Learn to use ZOOM!

*Note in the new era of COVID19 always use social distance guidelines, wear masks, frequent handwashing, avoid or minimize your exposure.


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A man and woman laying in bed smiling for the camera.

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A man and woman laying in bed smiling for the camera.

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