Top 10 Aging in Place Practical Technologies

aging in place technology

Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born.

~ Alan Kay (Computer Scientist)


Aging in Place

Multiple factors are at play with the increased use of aging-in-place-technologies. Often cited reasons are lack of caregivers, costs of in-home care, geographic distance of informal caregivers (aka family) and frankly, the technology is getting better.

Keeping it simple, here are the top 10 technological applications that are available and useable. Most can be found at retailers like BestBuy or Amazon:

  1. Smart home automation: Allows control of lights, thermostats, and appliances remotely.
  2. Personal emergency response systems (PERS): Provides immediate assistance during emergencies.
  3. Medication management systems: Helps organize and remind seniors to take their medications.
  4. Remote health monitoring devices: Allows monitoring vital signs and health conditions remotely.
  5. Fall detection sensors: Alerts caregivers or emergency services when a fall is detected.
  6. Home security systems: Provides safety and peace of mind with surveillance cameras and alarms.
  7. Voice-activated assistants: Assist with tasks and communication through voice commands.
  8. Telehealth services: Allows virtual medical appointments and consultations.
  9. GPS tracking devices: Ensures safety by tracking the location of seniors, especially those prone to wandering.
  10. Adaptive home modifications: Includes features like ramps, grab bars, and shower seats to improve accessibility and safety.

These aging-in-place technologies are easily acquired, easily applied, and can make a real difference in keeping older adults safe in the home of their choice. Not to mention peace of mind for family members.


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