Santa’s Home Accessibility

A man and woman laying in bed smiling for the camera.

You know you’re getting old when Santa starts looking younger.

~Robert Paul


Aging in Place with Visitability

The Big Guy in the red suit has been entering homes in the most unconventional way for as long as I can remember now. It occurred to me that he’s not getting any younger and with a weakness for goodies left out by children’s good intentions, he’s not getting any lighter either!

Let’s face it, Santa has got some mobility issues which might limit his access to your home this Season. But the good news is you can increase the odds of his getting into your home by something called: “Visitability.”

What is Visitability?

Visitability is an inclusive design approach for integrating basic accessibility features into a home.

3 Basic Requirements for a Visitability Home:

  1. ZERO Step Entrance (NON-barrier)
  2. Doors with at least 32 inches Clear Passage into the Home
  3. One Bathroom on the Main with Wheelchair Access

So, this Holiday Season remember those less mobile with the gift of accessibility into your home sweet home…There is no better gift.

Merry Christmas!

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