Open Minds Contemplate the Limits to Longevity

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Aging in Place / Longevity

by Dr. Rama

I have argued based on emerging scientific trends that conventional, and pessimistic views about the limits of human longevity and our ability to positively influence and extend it are wrong. Here is an article and a key paper on this subject.

Is there a cap on longevity? A statistical review Léo R. Belzile, Anthony C. Davison, Jutta Gampe, Holger Rootzén, Dmitrii Zholud


The article and the scientific paper make the following points:

1) The longest recorded lifespan is hard to verify because of inaccuracies in the recorded data

2) Until recently no reliable database of longevity statistics existed

3) Most of the time, studies in this field used wrong or inappropriate statistical analytical tools in addition to using the wrong dataset – i.e. Using the dataset of the younger age group and extrapolating the result to the older age group

4) The authors of the paper, using trustworthy, age-appropriate data and the right statistical tools, quote 130 as the age individuals can reach

5) Here is the summary found in the article: Depending on the details of the dataset (such as what age ranges are included, and for what country), a possible longevity cap is estimated in the range of 130–180. But in some cases, the statistics imply a cap of at least 130, with no upper limit. Mathematically, that means the highest ages in a big enough population would be infinite – implying immortality.

Of course, the authors urge caution in interpreting their statistical analysis. Statistics may say immortality. But common sense tells us that no human lives forever. That, of course, is the reality that does not need any statistical analysis to support its existence. The authors highlight this fact in their paper.

Ramiah Ramasubramanian


China’s oldest person, a 135-year-old woman from its ‘Longevity Town’ passed away in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, local authorities said on Saturday.

Health eBytes: The Science of Optimal Aging, Ramiah Ramasubramanian MD, FRCA (England)

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