Moving: Not Easy at Any Age


A man and woman laying in bed smiling for the camera.

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.

~Raymond Lindquist


Aging in Place

My wife and I have been considering moving to a new city across the river. We’ve been investing weekends in the new neighborhood; making the emotional move before the physical one.

We fell in love with the location of a 1922 classic home described as having; beautiful oak floor entry and French doors. The outside of the house was lovely and stirred the fire of our desires…We wanted that house in the worst way (pay full-price worst way).

Trojan Horse (or House)

The Trojan horse has become synonyms with being fooled by appearances. The Greeks attacked Troy for ten years and failed to penetrate the city’s defenses. Employing a new strategy, they pretended to retreat–leaving behind a huge wooden horse (filled with Greek heroes). The Trojans, despite warnings, were so enticed by the structure that they moved the horse inside the city as a war trophy.

The following night, the Greeks exited the wooden horse and attacked the unsuspecting-celebrating Trojans–Troy was finally conquered from within. The mistake the Trojans made was in not knowing what perils lie just beyond the provocative wooden surface…

Once inside this “Classic” home we quickly assessed the issues that lie in-wait for the next buyer–the house was a money pit. Luckily, we weren’t unsuspecting and celebrating, in fact, we sobered up real quick.

Letting Go of the Familiar

Viewing our home through the filter of a prospective buyer, I was going over all the “selling points” on a run today. I began to realize how much there is to lose by moving; central location to shops, park at the end of the block, Starbucks within walking distance, golf course nearby, Trader Joes and 24hr Fitness down the street, mint move-in condition, great neighbors who are friends (and have keys to the house) and on and on…

Moving the Elderly

With moving comes the tendency to think about the known losses and the memories. This can make the task daunting at any age–even more so for the elderly who have had a longer time to create history in one location.

To make the transition easier many companies now offer senior move managers who specialize in moving older adults. These professionals have backgrounds in gerontology, nursing, social work, and psychology. And understand the emotional, physical, and spiritual elements unique to relocating seniors. With catchy names like in Northbrook, Illinois whose mission statement says:

“It is our purpose and privilege in helping our clients to seek relief through simplifying and repurposing their possessions and home.” And out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Twin Cities area who boasts:

“Nationally regarded pioneer in the delicate act of senior move management.”

Or my favorite: Smooth Mooove Senior Relocation Services from Stone Mountain, Georgia. President and CEO, Adrienne Simpson started the company after a frustrating experience with moving an elderly family member.

Senior Relocation Services

Senior Move Specialists are licensed with organizations such as the National Association of Senior Move Managers who can help with the seemingly overwhelming list of things to do:

Develop a moving plan

Sort personal belongings to keep, sell, and or donate

Pack belongings

Hire and supervise movers

Help plan the new space with universal design for aging in place

Unpack and get settled in new space

Manage the sale of the old home

Clean, un-clutter and remove/dispose of waste

Or help with aging in place rather than moving

It’s my contention that moving every 7 years is good for the soul. When you must put your hands on all your worldly possessions at least twice, it forces one to “seek relief through simplifying and repurposing their possessions and home”–and how!


Senior Move Managers can make life so much easier in stressful times. 

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