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by Todd Brickhouse

Happy Holidays to all our family and friends around the world!

We would like to share some great tips in designing an accessible bathroom.  The ultimate goal is to make the space safe for everyone who uses the bathroom.  In the design above, there is a generous seating area whether you are walking in or in a wheelchair.  There is plenty of good lighting and even a heated towel rack.  A good design is universal in its application and should work for the whole family.


aging in place remodeling


Safety is one of the most important factors in designing a bathroom whether a person has a disability or not.  The highest rate for falls in a home is within the bathroom.

~Install grab bars which boost safety and ease of use.  Grab bars now come in many shapes, colors and sizes and should be used in the shower and/or bathtub.  In many designs, we have used flip-up bars that sit perpendicular from the commode. Notice the two flip-up bars in the up position above.

~Install a shower seat or transfer bench which makes bathing easier for seniors or people with limited mobility.

~Install a hand-held shower with a diverter that makes it easy for you to operate from where you are seated.

age in place design


When choosing a faucet, a lever, touch or motion sensor faucets are a great option because they are easier to use for people with limited function.  Turning a knob or handle may be tough for some.  This motion sensor faucet has temperature control lights.  The blue light, as shown above, indicates the water temperature is cold.

A single lever design can be turned on and off with an open palm or closed fist.


ageing in place design


Sink placement and height are important to consider when designing your bathroom, especially for a person using a wheelchair.  Because everybody’s ability and size are different, types of products and placement is very individualized and should be the overriding factor.

The sink above is both functional and beautiful by the designer Neutra, Italy. Please note: the waste line and hot water lines should either be offset or covered to comply with ADA guidelines.  Also, to help suit the needs of a seated person, the mirror can be lowered.

age in place design



Built-in storage, especially for a bathroom, is usually hard to find.  In this design, the architect and builder created a wonderful pull-out right behind the shower maximizing storage where they could.  This type of pull-out cabinet has been around for many years and yet is not that widely used.  They are found more often in kitchen and hallway applications. Commercial hardware has made them easy to open and close.


age in place design

 Thanks, Todd–yours is a Newsletter I always look forward  to reading!


For over 35 years, Brickhouse Design Group has provided architectural and design services to private clients, various New York State agencies and insurance companies working with individuals who are physically challenged or aging in place. Our goal is to assist our clients to live an independent, empowered life by selecting the right providers of mobility products and services to meet their individual needs. We offer a “turn-key” package to assist you in expediting your accessibility needs.

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