Gerontophobia Fear of Aging

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.

~Betty Friedan


Strategically avoiding the word “AGING” is not doing any favors to the cause of countering ageism; Aging is Living. Reflect honestly for a moment on why this is done…What has your historic experience of Aging been?

Being part of the solution means not re-enforcing negative images by denying aging. I’m not talking about “Happy Gerontology” here, no sugar-coating, but if we are going to nip ageism in the bud, treating the word “aging” like the plague to be avoided at all costs, sends a dog-whistle message providing oxygen to gerontophobia.

Critical Gerontology

I encourage you to be part of the solution, Critical Theory asks us to question cultural assumptions and is the theoretical underpinning of Critical Gerontology that assumes human development never stops…So many of the “Anti-Aging” strategies are soul-eroding; each age has something unique to offer…It just might have been designed that way? To deny what I like to call “possibility aging” is to miss the lessons of life-span development.

The ranks of those who understand this are thankfully growing. Join us in this meaningful endeavor, obviously we have work to do!

Remember, aging is denied to many…


Coming of Age Film Series: Exploring the Process of Aging

GERONTOPHOBIA the film: Well, let´s be honest: we´re all a little afraid of the fact that we´re getting older. But Boris Sverlow takes this fear a step further in his short movie Gerontophobia. In a utopian society, science is desperately trying to find a cure for aging until something goes terribly wrong. The stunning project was ‪#‎rendered at RebusFarm and will avant-premiere by mid-April. Til then, check out the trailer and stay tuned. We will soon interview Boris about his vision and the realization of this ‪#‎3D masterpiece. -RebustFarm

Aging in a Culture of Gerontophobia – Dr. Faith Fitzgerald

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