Fast Lane Help for Aging in Place


A crisis is a terrible thing to waste  

Paul Romer

Aging in Place is often a “Crisis Buy” because we usually wait until an emergency occurs with our elderly parents—then we spring into action. Unfortunately, you will find yourself playing catch up!
Local Area Agencies on Aging are providing what’s known as “diversion programs” to keep people living in their homes longer (Aging in Place).

Who they serve: Individuals Living with Disabilities and Elderly
Programs: Range from healthcare-related programs such as disease prevention, case management, insurance counseling, and respite care, to programs specializing in providing transportation resources, preventing elder abuse and transitioning from hospital to home.

QuickLink to services here: State/Local Area Agency on Aging

Catch Up With These Top 5 Home Modifications for Aging in Place

  1. Adapt the Main Floor of Home for One Level Living: Bedroom, bath, kitchen, and laundry; with a no-step entry all on the main floor.
  1. Widen Doorways to 36 Inches w/Offset Hinges on Doors: Wheelchairs can be a fact of life for many older adults, who may use them all of the time or just on occasion. Conventional doorways usually are not wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair so widening the doorways is often required. Swing-out door hinges are also easy to install and inexpensive.
  1. Install Hand-held Shower-heads and Grab Bars: Hand-held shower-heads and grab bars are some of the least expensive changes you can make and are a great help to those with balance problems.
  1. Use Lever Handles on Doors and Plumbing Fixtures: Decreases in hand strength are a common problem with aging. The use of a simple lever eliminates the struggle with operating doorknobs and faucets.
  1. Use “Comfort Height” Toilets: Many older adults suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis and find it hard to stand up from a normal height toilet. A Comfort Height Touchless toilet or commode chair that fits over the existing toilet helps to eliminate this problem.



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