Aging in Place: Context Matters CSA Journal

Patrick Roden RN PhD CAPS

Patrick Roden RN PhD CAPS

The award-winning CSA Journal is the leading professional publication in the senior market focusing on critical issues for aging adults. This academic journal offers articles on the latest trends in aging in the areas of health, social, legal, finance and ethics. Access to all past issues of the CSA Journal as well as four printed issues every year is one of the many benefits of CSA certification.

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CSA Journal 70 is a special edition, with articles focused on social isolation in older adults, including:

  • Going it Alone: The Plight of Solo Agers
  • Aging in Place: Context Matters
  • Resistance to Assistance: When Older Adults Decline Support in the Home
  • The Chicken or the Egg? Timing Downsizing for Late-Life Moves
  • And more!

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