Aging in Place and COVID-19

A man and woman laying in bed smiling for the camera.

“The greatest compassion is the prevention of human suffering through patience, alertness, courage and kindness.”~Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion

Aging in Place

I have been wanting to write about aging in the era of COVID-19 but I am too busy living it (as we all are)! Concerning the general issue of aging key themes are evolving seemingly weekly. Compiling a list is like stringing beads without a knot on the other end…But I want to share with you items perhaps you’ve notice too and had some concern about. In healthcare there is an old saying: “Diagnosis is 80% of the cure.”

My goal is to identify and language the issues, and work towards positive outcomes–this feels like the right thing to do currently. I will be writing on these topics in the coming days and months (and other topics as they arrive).

COVID-19 and AGING Themes

~Ageism rears its ugly head, again…

~TeleHealth: Barriers to adoption have finally dropped

~Social Distancing + Aging = Further Isolation

~Everything (everyone) is Connected; Systems Thinking comes to the Masses

~The Private Victories of “Essential workers” become public Victories (Irony of Irony)

~SCIENCE > magical thinking (we’re all now neo-microbiologist)

~We are all Aging in Place! (A second Look)

~Boomer Migration to the 20″ neighborhood is being Re-Thought

~Suburbs Rise up

~An Opportunity to show up for Others

~OK BOOMER: Retired Boomers from all sectors to the rescue!

~The Inequality of Healthcare revealed in the time of a Pandemic

~Gender bias of a VRIUS and the role of Comorbidities

~The Dangers of Nursing Homes (a major Re-think needed)

~The Death of the Commute and Rise of Zoom, implications for aging

~NOSOCOMIAL infections (Staying Home Means you are Staying SAFE)

~The Heartbreak of Saying Goodbye–from a distance

~Toilet Paper and the thin veil of civility

~Devastated Retirement Dreams

~Heroes of Mention (Mack, Fauci, and others)

~The Terror of Loving an old person during a Pandemic

~Nursing: Hypervigilance

~New Normals and undressing in the garage

~Working out without a gym: Interest vs commitment

~Death of the Handshake and the Hug?

~Nursing Home Window vigils

~Lovers in A Dangerous Time

~Mask Culture/ Social Distancing

~Homeostasis: An environment at rest–temporarily

~Clear the Shelters; Pet Fostering on the rise

~Post-Pandemic A Brave New World

We are all in this together, help out in anyway you can pick your sphere of influence and contribute. COVID-19, the novel coronavirus has left few lives untouched. Ask an elderly neighbor if they need anything, offer to walk their dog, get some groceries, fill their tank, mow a lawn, make a call. Simple acts can and do make a difference. Stay home when they ask, frequent handwashing, social distancing, wear a facemask in public, support local business when you can, exercise, and remember, there are no ordinary moments…


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