6 Age in Place DIY Weekend Projects

DIY aging in place

Independence is happiness.

~Susan B. Anthony

Her Independence

Visiting mom (or Grandma) this weekend? You Love to see her, get her caught up on the kids, your life, the job and current events, as well as seeing how she’s doing. Instead of sitting, eating, and watching TV again (while the time slips away); why not put your love for her into action this time. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT…Break the pattern…

Get off the couch, turn off the phone and get her involved–start her aging-in-place modifications for independence. Your drive back home will feel so much more positive, it will open the door to future home modifications and you’ll be learning how to make your own independence more likely down the road.

6 Aging in Place DIY modifications you can do (really you can) this Saturday/Sunday:

1. Remove any loose carpeting or area rugs; if she loves them, hang them on the wall as a decoration.

2. Replace her worn house-slippers with nonSlip sole-type

3. Change out dim bulbs with energy saving brighter light bulbs so she stays off ladders

See: http://centerofdesign.org/

(Dark walls will absorb light thus requiring more ambient light in the room. Try repainting with livelier-lighter colors. Also Use a more matte finishihes to decrease glare.)

4. Replace old Smoke Detector with STROBE lights and CARBON MONOXIDE alarm with VOICE

5. Soap-on-a-rope keeps her from bending over to retrieve slippery soap on the tub floor

6. Moen Home Care Glacier Tread Mat in the bathtub will help prevent slips and falls

These are simple and inexpensive DIY weekend projects and a solid place to start for greater safety and independence.

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