Aging in Place after Surgery; 10 Steps

The 10 Steps for preparing the Aging in Place Home for Surgical Recovery

Step #1

Prepare Your Home in Advance

Since patients are likely to spend most of the post-surgery time at home, it is important to prepare the living area so it will better accommodate the process. Preparing the home in advance will make things easier and more comfortable. In the weeks before surgery, patients will want to evaluate their living environment and make the necessary modifications and adjustments for a successful recovery.

Aging in Place: The GandParent Scam

The threats to aging in place are many, from falls to unforgiving obstacles in the built environment; most can be addressed by planning and follow through. But there are those that come out of left-field, unexpected and truly inhumane, targeting decent and trusting older adults. Protect the ones you love—Talk to your folks, remind them about scams, not to instill fear, but to empower them to continue to live in home at peace.