Daily Life

age in place

The BIG Squeeze

The BIG Squeeze is the Norm

Aging in Place and Universal Design

Design for ALL

To Respect Human Diversity and Promote Inclusion

Aging in Place With All 5 Senses

Aging in Place With All 5 Senses

Home is A Multisensory Experience

aging in place

The New Life-Plan is Blended

Now There is A New Life Plan for Aging

age in place

Grumpy Old Man Syndrome

The Grumpy Old Man Syndrome (GOMS)

Health eBytes Aging in place

Health eBytes: Exemplary Life

Health eBytes Living The Exemplary Life by Dr. Rama

age in place disasters

Age in Place Disaster Strikes!

The Story Behind the Story

Gerontophobia Fear of Aging


The FEAR of Aging

Kerry Hannon aging

Father’s Day Wisdom

Kerry Hannon on Lessons her Father Taught her

Accessible adventures

Accessible Adventures!

John Williams Living Life to the Fullest

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