The IDEA Series: “Success Catastrophe”

Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you ALIVE.

~Sid Vicious


Aging in Place: The IDEA Series

Claude Goodman is wicked smart…Combined with a deep need to come from a place of contribution and a passion for technology, he founded CareWheels in 2001. He’s a Gerontechnologist, trained in Biomedical Engineering, with 7 U.S. patents and experience in health sciences research, development and technology transfer, as a guest scientist at the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. In addition, is a member of LeadingAge and the Oregon Gerontological Association.

I’m fortunate to have Claude as a friend, colleague, and trusted adviser. When you surround yourself with thinkers like Claude, the synergy leads to new vistas of possibility and achievement. In a recent email to me he wrote about ongoing projects and IDEAS, and shared a link to his thought-provoking and content rich presentation to the Oregon Gerontological Association. I highly recommend you click on the link and delight in Claude’s insights and wit:

 I trust that you are well. Picking up the thread where we left off our conversation, I wish to share with you the presentation that I gave at the Oregon Gerontological Association 2016 Annual Conference. With a nod to Dr. Bill Thomas, the conference theme was: “Disrupt Aging” and my presentation was titled: “Gerontech for Elder Empowerment and Sensible Disruption”. You may watch it here:

CareWheels Update: we have built the CareBank Minimum Viable Product (MVP) by combining the functions of TeleCare and TimeBank applications to practice the Interdependent Care (I-Care) Model with these advantages:

  • Engages people in meaningful working relationships that provide renewed sense of purpose to the lives of people who may otherwise suffer from social isolation and its related comorbidities.
  • Supports people who wish to live independently by networking them together to live more interdependently in their communities.
  • Scales to meet the emergent needs of the aging demographic cohorts by empowering them with technologies and employing them to provide mutual care through social care networks.
  • Saves money and reduces needless suffering by preemptively averting crises to reduce the high costs of emergency room trips and prevent avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions by monitoring activities and observations of daily living, physiological functions and vital signs to detect anomalies before they become emergencies.

The CareBank is a disruptive innovation that implements the I-Care disruptive business model to help resolve the caregiver shortage crisis at its source by leveraging elder power to provide new caregiving resources that are capable of scaling to meet the emergent needs of our ageing population.

I have a team of Intel-sponsored Encore Fellows developing the CareBank Project and am seeking partners to help drive the CareBank development forward from the current MVP alpha to beta and beyond into our greater aging society. Please let me know if you are interested to explore collaborative opportunities.



Meaningful Work  by People who Care

Only A select few get the spot light , but countless others are doing the heavy lifting (often in private) that will improve our experience of growing older. I’m encouraged to know individuals like Claude are out there solving the big issues concerning aging and society.

Thank you Claude for your contribution to Aging in Place: The IDEA Series








If we want to live independently,

we need to live more interdependently.
~Claude A. Goodman, CareWheels Founder

“Success Catastrophe” An Intel Term (Listen to hear what it means in context)

The IDEAS Series has to goal of making private victories into public victories.

Patrick Note: Longevity  has been described as the failure of our success, in that we are living longer–but with more chronic conditions in a society that de-values aging. This too, for some, is seen as a “Success Catastrophe” (AKA gerontophobia). Ageism is alive and well…We are working to change that here at