Aging in Place after Surgery; 10 Steps

The 10 Steps for preparing the Aging in Place Home for Surgical Recovery

Step #1

Prepare Your Home in Advance

Since patients are likely to spend most of the post-surgery time at home, it is important to prepare the living area so it will better accommodate the process. Preparing the home in advance will make things easier and more comfortable. In the weeks before surgery, patients will want to evaluate their living environment and make the necessary modifications and adjustments for a successful recovery.

Aging in Place and the Role of Self-Efficacy

I was reading an on-going blog series about “Beth,” an active, 89 year old woman lives alone in her one level town home. She has lived alone for many years and has a good support network of family and friends from church. She is relatively healthy but deals with asthma.

Aging in Place: A Most Personal Story

Aging in Place: A Most Personal Story
My in-laws are just the opposite (I want to avoid comparison here). My father-in-law is a retired pharmacist; he knows the value of health and planning ahead. They recently installed a comfort-height Toto toilet. He has had some knee issues and pro-actively took steps to improve their quality of life by making a simple change. They love it.

Incrementalism: Aging in Place

Home modifications for aging in place often happen by degrees depending on your scenario.

Here are a few suggested projects that can be done in a weekend:
-Lever-style handles can be changed out for door-knobs; and exchange knobs for handles on kitchen and bathroom cabinets
-Add more task lighting to a room or space, including more illumination on stairs
-Create a wider accessibility in doorways by installing offset hinges that will allow better accessibility in/out of rooms
-Remove area rugs from the floors (can cause falls)
-Add a sensor light to the front entry
-Consider removing a large piece(s) of seldom used furniture to facilitate a walker if needed
-Add a raised toilet seat
-Purchase a ramp for the entry way