Aging in Place: Eastern Philosophy Meets Western Pragmatics

Using Eastern philosophy for something as pragmatic as aging in place (or increasing your portfolio) may not have been its original intent, but the transferable application is worth exploration. Spiritual enlightenment is a noble endeavor, and so is remaining independent at home; both can be achieved through mindful meditation and yoga practices. We will continue to explore the cross-pollination applications of Eastern philosophy and Western application in the coming weeks.

Women Living Longer and Aging in Place

Regardless of whether you embrace Friedan’s theories, the fact is aging is mainly a women’s issue because of longevity advantages—whatever the cause/s. This should get women thinking about the future, and thinking outside the box about aging in place options…

Longevity: The New Phenomenon

The longevity revolution is so recent and so dramatic, that it is estimated that of all the human beings who have ever lived to be 65 years of age or older, half are currently alive today.

Why is that? You may ask…

3 Reasons:

1. Decreased Infant Mortality at Birth

2. Decreased Morbidity from Infectious Diseases with Anti-biotic treatments

3. Improved Nutrition

Aging in Place: The GandParent Scam

The threats to aging in place are many, from falls to unforgiving obstacles in the built environment; most can be addressed by planning and follow through. But there are those that come out of left-field, unexpected and truly inhumane, targeting decent and trusting older adults. Protect the ones you love—Talk to your folks, remind them about scams, not to instill fear, but to empower them to continue to live in home at peace.