Aging in Place Influencers for 2014

Aging in Place

At the end of each year I think deeply about who influenced me over the past year concerning my purpose of helping others with Aging in Place. This year's group is different from those of the past because it includes not just individuals, but groups too (including relatives); and there is even a NEGATIVE influencer this year as well. As always I wish to include a disclaimer--the list is not meant to be exhaustive, in fact, it often falls sort. But if you feel you've had an impact and I've left you out--please make contact and set me straight!

Aging in Place: BIG Problem-BIG opportunity (for Women)

The aging population in general, and aging boomer women specifically (niche), will provide unlimited opportunity for savvy-trend-aware entrepreneurs; particularly women who know what other women want and need. Goods and services will need to be taken to aging boomer women in suburbia—and who better do provide it than someone who has walked a mile in your shoes…

Aging in Place: Eastern Philosophy Meets Western Pragmatics

Using Eastern philosophy for something as pragmatic as aging in place (or increasing your portfolio) may not have been its original intent, but the transferable application is worth exploration. Spiritual enlightenment is a noble endeavor, and so is remaining independent at home; both can be achieved through mindful meditation and yoga practices. We will continue to explore the cross-pollination applications of Eastern philosophy and Western application in the coming weeks.

Women Living Longer and Aging in Place

Regardless of whether you embrace Friedan’s theories, the fact is aging is mainly a women’s issue because of longevity advantages—whatever the cause/s. This should get women thinking about the future, and thinking outside the box about aging in place options…