Aging in Place: The ELEPHANT in the Room

Yet this problem, the "elephant in the room" that we don't want to talk about, has not gone away. An early alert came in an article "The GOP's Senior Moment" published in 2010.

Aging in Place: The IDEA Series

Now I will be getting the opportunity to share some of their best thoughts with you: I’m proud to announce The Ideas Series. For the next few months, the blog will be posting guest entries

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Aging in Place: Niche Retirement

It's called "Legend's Landing" an assisted living center for aging Hall of Fame football players. "It's part business, part nostalgia and part a sense of responsibility to ballplayers whose bodies — and possibly brains — have been bruised by the game," says David Baker, President of the Football Hall of Fame. Social Gerontologist, Ed Rosenberg who studies athletes in transition, thinks the Hall of Fame retirement center has some merit.

The Meaning of Ageing in Place

From The Gerontologist published October 7, 2011, I read a research article title: The Meaning of “Ageing in Place” to Older People. The study was an attempt to illuminate the concept of “ageing in place” in terms of functional, symbolic, and emotional attachments and meanings of homes, neighborhoods, and communities (p.1). The researchers were attempting to get at the heart of how older people understand the meaning of “ageing in place.”