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On Aging: The Last “ism” Standing

The problem is there was more than one message sent, and CNNMoney hits the unintended consequences directly on the head: "THE MOST MEMORABLE." The damaging unintended consequences of this kind of ageism is the perpetuation of negative stereotypes.

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Aging in Place: 50 Aging Influencers you may not have Heard of (prt2)

These individuals come from many diverse backgrounds with disciplines and gifts that are vast and valuable. Take advantage, we have much work to do in redefining aging so as to empower us all and make the world a better place to grow older.



Aging in Place: Choice Architecture

Aging in Place

I've been reading the intriguing New York Times Bestseller,  Nudge by Thaler and Sunstein. With a subtitle like this: "Improving Health, Wealth, and Happiness,"  I got sucked in and couldn't pass it by. After all, who isn't in pursuit of improving their health, wealth, and happiness; and they overlap perfectly with aging in place.