Mattering Scale: Listening for Optimal Aging in Place Outcomes

The GMS can be a useful tool to keep in mind when dealing with others. Not just in personal relationships, but client ones too. If you are an architect designing a universal design home, an interior designer, or a certified aging-in-place specialists doing work for aging in place, the act of listening is essential for optimal outcomes.

Inauguration Day

I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
when company comes,
but I laugh,
and eat well,
and grow strong.

The Hospital: Germs And Wonders

To counter some of this, the clinical setting is shifting and in the near future much of the care will be given in the home with the help of emerging technologies. This is important because I’ve often told patients throughout the years the faster you get home the less you will be exposed to hospital-acquired infections; one of the strongest arguments for aging in place.


As our new President sets out on the dawning of the first day towards the ominous task of healing this country (and the world) expectations of a recovery are high. He has called us all to the challenge by employing our energy, talents, and gifts, to heal the broken places together.

A Knowledge Journey Worth Taking: The Aging Brain

I think you have caught the essence of aging in every sense of the word…the constant flow of new experiences. I don’t know if you have come in contact with my Five Basic “Ingredients” for a healthy brain at ANY age. These particular five items were confirmed by experiments in our laboratory.