Online Age Ghettos

A web site that seems to be thriving is which emphasizes multigenerational connections and is inclusive in its demographic reach. What a winning formula...besides who can resist grand kids!

Golden Girls: Revisited

Many of these women are successful in careers, have investments and savings, live in comfortable homes, and have no kids or husbands. My sister has this funny line about women either aging gracefully—or becoming real-estate agents…


The futurist Faith Popcorn wrote about this phenomenon over a decade ago in her brilliant book, Clicking (1996). She called it “down-aging,” which is all about throwing out the rules and constraints that dictate how we should behave by certain points in our lives. Ms. Popcorn predicted the rejection of the cultural construction of age, and the potential for personal interpretation.

The Meaning of Things

Aging in place can maintain that essential bond between people and things. It's a reliable and valid way for us to continue to interact with meaningful objects which delight the senses and support our identity.

Aging-in-Place With A Whole New Mind

The target market is the 60-70 year old who is most receptive to Universal design and aging-in-place modifications, says Bill Owens, President of Owens Construction in Columbus, Ohio. The key is unobtrusively remodeling in a non-stigmatizing aesthetic so boomers and seniors won’t feel they are living in an institution.

As aging-in-place professionals we ask of our clients to be open to change and new ways of doing things—it should be no different for us. In these challenging economic times it takes courage to create new business opportunities, and to think with a whole new mind.

Aging in Place: No Ordinary Moments

divorce rates being the lowest since the swinging 70’s. However, the figures also show that the rate among those 65 and older has doubled since 1980; which is curious a trend for couples with typically more history together. This got me thinking about causes...

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count At Least 2 Ways

The facility is the oldest of its kind in Portland boasting an opening day in 1948. “Jim” is one of its early members (started in 1952) and continues to workout weekly. His black and white images as a randy-young-muscle-bound lad adorn the walls. My first day I was supine on the bench centering myself for a bench press when I noticed this elderly man leaning over me; he jokingly said “would you like me to put some weight on there son?” That was 6 years ago and we have been friends ever since.