Aging in Place: With a Name Like Funk He Has to be Good


Few delights can equal the presence of one whom we trust utterly.

~George MacDonald

Guest Post

I have been following Scott Funk’s blog on aging-in-place for several years now. Scott is in Vermont, and has a different take on aging in place than most folks who write on the topic. His blog posts link aging-in-place to real life in down home and relevant manner.  He is an honest-straight-shooter (maybe Vermont influence?), and that’s why I reached out. Reverse Mortgage is part of the aging-in-place solution puzzle, but they have also been historically shrouded in controversy and problems. Scott is an honest guy who’s trying to simply help, and make a living while doing so. I have all the confidence in his motives as a Reverse Mortgage Professional.

His post is flattering, and at the risk of self-promoting, I share it here. It is always my intent to introduce visitors to honest vetted people in the business of keeping you, or a loved one at home. Scott is part of the solution, and if you wish to work with him I think you’ll feel secure and pleased by his style (I do not profit from his work).

With a name like Funk…He has to be good!


Aging in Place dot com

It is with a great deal of embarrassment that I admit, after what seems like countless years writing and talking about aging in place, I never checked to see if there was an aging in place website.  No, not something representing interest groups or looking to gather information from me, but simply a resource site that was safe and filled with common sense kind of information my clients are always looking for.

Well there is such a site.  It is very appropriately named;  No, I didn’t get clever and find it on my own.  The site was introduced to me when its creator, Patrick Roden, reached out to me with an invitation to participate.  So, full disclosure:  I am a blogger for his website, but that is not why I’m writing this.

I’m writing because it feels so exciting to find a safe, easy-to-navigate site, with valuable information for people wishing to better understand the rewards and challenges of aging in place, that is really interesting.

Take the story about Corey the blind rescue dachshund.  What an amazingly happy story of win win.  That one is in the Pet Story section.  Or there is the incredible bathroom design, great kitchen ideas and a whole lot more about smart design.  In fact, there is even an explanation of smart design!  Did I say they offer books?  The old-fashioned kind with pages and everything.

That’s my point.  It wasn’t like research on a tough topic.  It was fun surfing the site, and educational, too.  My first visit was supposed to be a drop-in of a few minutes, but half an hour zipped by and I found myself still there and interested.  The best part is during that visit and all my others, I was never interrupted by a pop-up demanding I fill out a form and give away my information. What a pleasure to be able to get information in a leisurely manner without those constant irritations demanding I fill out this or that.

So, what is my point?  Simple:  you can find a lot of useful information about aging in place at, a safe, hassle-free site.  No one is going to be chasing you to buy something and you won’t get surprised with a barrage of emails after you leave the site.

Aging in Place, it doesn’t happen by accident and it’s even a website!



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