3 Qs of Senior Transportation

  1. ELIGIBILITY – What are the requirements, if any?
  2. AFFORDABILITY – What is the costs?
  3. ACCESSIBILITY – What is the service area? What times does the service operate? Are door-though-door, door-to-door, or curb-to-curb services provided?  Is a reservation needed, and how far in advance?  Are rides provided in the evenings, on weekends, or on holidays?  Are rides provided to social as well as medical or shopping appointments?  Will driver provide assistance with packages and other carry-ons?  Are vehicles wheelchair accessible?



Your Resource on Senior Transportation: National Center on Senior Transportation (NCST)

Video: Transportation Solutions for Aging in Auto-Centric America

EXAMPLE in my state; Washington (check your state): Senior Services Transportation

For-Profit Services Silver Ride

Transportation for America: Seniors & Transit

LIFT HERO (like Uber for the Elderly)