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Aging in Place: 50 Aging Influencers you may not have Heard of (prt2)

I will be refined by age, not defined by age.

~Kathy Sporre

Aging in Place

Each year there is a prestigious list of movers and shakers who are influencing the world of Aging. The membership in this elite group is impressive for their accomplishments and contribution to the field of aging–we are all better off for their work.  I also have my list of “50 Influencers” you may have never heard of–but you should. These are some of the hardest working people in Aging and their work may not be headline-grabbing, but it’s worthy of your attention.

Here are the 2nd 25:

26. Scott Fulton, Owner/President Home Ideations LLC

Welcome to Home Ideations, and thanks for checking us out. With 35 years in engineering and business, and personal experience working with the physically challenged, it has long intrigued me how easily homeowners can get caught up in colors and textures and almost forget the importance of personal fit and function in a design. Much like the foundation that supports your home, fit and function are the cornerstone of any great design and not something you can easily go back and change once the build is complete. The finished project should look fabulous and speak to your own unique tastes, but if the result hasn’t materially improved the quality of your life or markedly improved the equity of your home, you’ve missed out on a big opportunity.  My first renovation project was in 1975, the basement of the house my father built. My pitch was “if you buy the materials, I’ll do all the work”. Little did I realize then, at age 16, that it would define a big part of my life. Four decades later, my passion to build, innovate and improve people’s lives is stronger than ever.

Thanks again for your interest. We really appreciate you thinking of us and hope that we can be of service to you.

Scott is also a university lecturer and teaches a comprehensive course on Aging in Place. I encourage you to connect with Scott and look into his offerings.


27. Alex K. Smith CoFounder of ePrognosis and GeriPal

GeriPal (Geriatrics and Palliative care) is a forum for discourse, recent news and research, and freethinking commentary. Our objectives are 1) to create an online community of interdisciplinary providers interested in geriatrics or palliative care; 2) to provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas and disruptive commentary that changes clinical practice and health care policy, and 3) to change the world. We aim to be inclusive. We welcome the perspectives of generalists, specialists, gerontologists, palliative care clinicians, and anyone else interested in the care of the elderly or palliative care. Anyone who wants to comment on a post is welcome — just click the comment tab. Please email Eric Widera or Alex Smith if you are interested in being a regular contributor (you need to contact us to submit your own post).

Alex is promoting the cross-pollination of ideas in the service of solutions.


28. Graeme McKenzie of

They are marketing communications specialist, with extensive experience and insight of successfully marketing to the older, more mature consumer. Their vision and passion is to support you to become better informed and deliver enhanced B2C and B2B communications to this highly complex audience, driving up future business performance.

Why are we doing this? It’s because the older, mature market is immense and relatively untapped, largely because it responds in a very different way. And, we feel that the way in which this audience is communicated and engaged with by a broad range of businesses can be substantially enhanced.

We really are here to help. We can add significant value in the way YOU talk to your older customers or prospects and Enrich your Knowledge, Engage with your Audience and Enhance your Business Performance.

He is helping market aging-related online businesses to achieve success.


29. Susan Donley Consulting 

For over 20 years, I have cultivated expertise in organizational strategy, digital content, revenue development, strategic partnerships, branding, and marketing.

As Publisher and Managing Director of Next Avenue, I discovered my passion for the field of aging. I served over 45 million people, secured millions of dollars in revenue and financial support, and brokered collaborations with leading media outlets, businesses, and nonprofits. Now I’m bringing my deep understanding of 50+ consumers and expertise in media to help shape how organizations, businesses, and communities navigate the longevity economy.

Susan is a guide with experience to help anyone entering the often turbulent waters of aging–it helps to have the vision and applicable insights like hers.


30. Karen L. Phillips Ph.D. Public Health Gerontologist | Storyteller | Community Engagement Specialist | Educator | Batala Washington Drummer

Karen is passionate about research and initiatives that have a positive impact on seniors living in her community.

About Her:

I am a public health gerontologist working in the Washington, D.C. area. My leadership capacity includes overseeing the senior portfolio of a leading affordable housing non-profit. I have significant experience conducting and coordinating a variety of coalition building and programmatic activities to promote healthy aging. I enjoy collaborative environments and relationships. I have worked with real estate teams on applications for new property acquisitions and promoting community engagement throughout the development process.

One of the accomplishments I am most proud of is the successful creation and implementation of programming and partnerships for two new senior communities, Highland Park in Richmond, VA and Hollins House in Baltimore, MD.

I completed my Master of Public Health (Health Policy and Management concentration) and Ph.D. in Aging Studies from the University of South Florida. The work completed for my dissertation examined multiple indicators related to cultural competence, including predictors of having a provider of the same race/ethnicity, client perceptions of the cultural competence of their health care providers, and overall satisfaction with care reported by a diverse sample of adults ages 50 to 99.

My current research interests focus on the study, and ultimate elimination, of health disparities among older minority populations through cultural competence, improving health literacy, and community-based interventions.

Karen is advancing our understanding of what it means to age with in the context of culture, race, and place. I encourage you to follow her work.


31. Barbara Ivey, Alzheimer’s Kid, Author & Alzheimer’s Research Advocate

Author. Consultant. Speaker. Researcher. Librarian.

Barbara Ivey answers to them all.

Barbara Ivey has 30 years of expertise in writing, consulting and research in a broad range of industries including technology, higher education, manufacturing and healthcare.

A dynamic speaker and panelist, Barbara earned her corporate chops at Microsoft, and her voice in the Alzheimer’s conversation through her leadership in Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust (CART).  CART is a project of the Rotary clubs of North America that awards annual grants to innovative Alzheimer’s research studies.

Barbara’s superpower is simplifying. In her writing, her publishing, and speaking, Barbara weaves complex information into memorable stories.

Barbara Ivey holds a Lean Healthcare Certificate from Belmont University’s Massey School of Business, a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from Dominican University, River Forest, IL, and a B.A. in English from Concordia University, Bronxville, NY.  She is certified in Consistent Positive Direction (CPDP) through T.A.L.K. Associates.  Barbara’s career includes nine years as an independent consultant at Optimized Offices, ten years with Microsoft as a researcher and global program manager; an AVP role at Van Kampen Investments; and several library positions in higher education.

Barbara is a native of Greenlawn, New York. Today, she calls Fort Mill, SC home. She shares her happy life with her husband, her dog Dolly, and plenty of books, music and technology.

Barbara Ivey is the author of the award-winning Patterns in Time®,  Patterns at Hand and The Perfect Thing blog.  She is the Publishing Editor at The Perfect Thing, LLC.



32. Allan Holender Boomer Public Radio 

“To be seventy years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old”. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

When the Dalai Lama was asked what surprised him most about humanity, he answered “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

As a leadership and team-building trainer, I have developed and delivered programs to colleges, universities, hospitals, and the corporate world.

I have mentored entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior management from some of North America’s top-ranked companies.

I was also a business commentator in Canada and the United States, having hosted a nationally syndicated business radio show on the Talk America radio network.

For five years, I was the Chief Community Officer for the Let’s Talk Business Network. It was a support community for entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Business Owners and Free Agents.

I facilitated Executive Mastermind Groups, Peer to Peer Mentoring, One On One Coaching and Professional Development Workshops.

I’ve also been the Director of Development with both the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta, where I led a team to successfully complete the final phase of a 37 million dollar capital campaign.

I was also the Founding Part-Owner of Radio Station CISL 650 (South Fraser Broadcasting) in Richmond B.C. Helped secure the CRTC license.

I have been a serial entrepreneur for the past 20 years and have written a book on changing the world of business from power, corruption and greed, to one of purpose, passion, and profits with integrity. My Bachelor of Arts Degree and Masters Studies is in Sociology.

I was retained a few years ago by the University of British Columbia as a Management Consultant to complete a development study to determine the feasibility of building and operating a world’s best Centre for Sport Medicine and Exercise Science within UBC.

Listen to Allan


33. Jorge Felix, Population ageing and Longevity Economy researcher, professor and Journalist 

JORGE FELIX is a population ageing researcher at PUC (Catholic University of Sao Paulo), visiting professor at Sao Paulo University (MSc in Gerontology), director of think tank Longevity Economy. He was the first Brazilian researcher on population ageing to quote the Longevity Economy (or Silver Economy) concept in his Economics MSc ´s thesis in Political Economy (2007). He published the book “Viver Muito” (Live Long). His academic papers on the subject have been presented at national and international events.

É professor convidado do mestrado em Gerontologia da Universidade de São Paulo, pesquisador (CNPq) e especialista em envelhecimento populacional. Foi o primeiro pesquisador brasileiro sobre o tema “Economia da Longevidade” (Sylver Economy). É Mestre em Economia Política (PUC-SP). Criou o Centro de Estudos da Economia da Longevidade ( Integra o Núcleo de Pesquisas sobre o Desenvolvimento Humano do Programa de Pós-graduação em Economia Política e também os grupos: Núcleo de Estudos do Futuro (PUC-SP, Cátedra Ignacy Sachs do Programa de Estudos Pós-graduados em Administração de Empresas (PUC-SP), Núcleo de Estudos de Políticas Urbanas do Programa de Estudos Pós-graduados em Ciências Sociais (PUC-SP) e o grupo de Estudos do Novo Desenvolvimentismo coordenado pelo Prof. Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira (FGV-SP).

Currículo Lattes:


34. Beth Suereth Helping family caregivers manage the hospital stay. Mission: Improve outcomes & reduce readmissions. Free for family 

Beth Rooney Suereth, Managing Partner

When her father was hospitalized for his first surgery, Beth wasn’t aware that family members could have an impact on the health of a hospitalized loved one. Several hospital stays later, it became clear that family caregivers could and, in fact, need to make a significant difference in a loved one’s health outcome and overall cost of care.

Beth is focused on creating a family caregiver culture that will drive improved patient outcomes.


35. Richard O. Weijo Remember Me

Rick received an undergraduate degree from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, and went on to receive his MBA and PhD degrees from the University of Minnesota.  He was an Assistant Professor of marketing at the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Rick was also a senior analyst at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and has published on the topic of marketing and new product development in the energy industry. His most recent corporate positions before retiring from industry were as a manager of market research and director of customer channels at Portland General Electric.

Currently, Rick is a consultant and writer. He adores his young granddaughter Elsie, whose birth inspired writing the book Remember Me (originally published under the title Our Dreams for Our Children).  Rick and his wife Sharon live in Portland Oregon.

His work is a gift for generations to come and yet to be born…


36. Janet Kuntz IM professional, information curator and owner of IM4ward – Practical Tools for Caregivers

IM4ward was created to fill a void in tools available to Caregivers. Caregivers receive, process and communicate large amounts of information. Keeping track of it, storing it and communicating it is a job in itself, and when it’s not done well, it creates stress, reduces health outcomes and affects relationships.

Janet Kuntz, owner and product creator, experienced these challenges first hand. While juggling caregiving, family and career, Janet was unable to find a solution for managing and sharing information among the care team members. She tried electronic solutions but found that she not only got frustrated with managing the mix of electronic and paper information, but spent unnecessary amounts of time trying to organize the information into a cohesive form to share with the care team members that changed every time someone came to the house. When her Caregiving duties ended, she realized that she had spent more time managing the details of health and care than enjoying the company of the care recipient. This realization was the driving force behind the development of the products and her move into patient and caregiver advocacy.

Connect with Janet on Twitter at @IM4ward, Facebook at @im4ward and on

She can be reached directly at


37. Donna Hull Boomer lifestyle and travel authority.

She writes about active travel for boomers at My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel.

I’m willing to try most anything at least once. For me, it’s about the experience of trying something new, although I’m realistic enough to know that I’ll never climb Mt. Everest. (Now that’s true adventure.) But, if an adventure is within my capabilities, then I’m going to try it. Alan would go just about anywhere in our jeep—especially if there is a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day.

Having said that, I also enjoy just sitting on the balcony of my cabin on a small ship luxury cruise, taking in the world as it sails by. The combination of personal service and access to places that I might not otherwise see is intoxicating—an adventure of another kind.

How about you, what is your sense of adventure? Are you ready to discover something new?

Get inspired to plan your next trip by checking out some of my favorite boomer travel destinations. And be sure to say hello on Facebook or TwitterI’d love to hear from you.

Safe Travels,

P.S. Did you know that baby boomers purchase 80% of luxury vacations and adults aged 55 + account for one-third of all trips in the U.S.? Do you represent a PR company, destination or business interested in reaching an audience of active boomer travelers? We can help. Check out our PR and Advertising information.


38. Peter Mangan The Freebird Club 

The story of the Freebird Club began in beautiful county Kerry, Ireland, when Peter Mangan started renting out his country cottage to visitors from around the world. While Peter was away working at a university in Dublin, his retired veterinarian father Owen was on hand to meet and greet the guests. This was an enjoyable experience for Owen, but when fellow older adults came to stay, something special happened. There were nights together in the local pub, games of golf and local sightseeing trips, with Owen at the helm. In essence, fun was being had and friendships were being formed that went way beyond the usual host/guest interaction. Seeing the enriching social benefits that his father was now enjoying prompted Peter to think how he could encapsulate and replicate this life-enhancing experience for the benefit of older adults everywhere.

Peter is quickly gaining notoriety for an IDEA whose time has come. Well done! And Happy Trails…


39. Zachary Benedict AIA 

I am an Architect and Urbanist. I research. I think. I design. We are in the business of designing meaningful places.

MKM architecture + design (MKM) believes that well-being is essential for communities to thrive. That’s why we are working so hard to improve the culture of health with partners across the care continuum. For over thirty-five years, we have focused on the relationship between design and health. It’s all we think about.

Over the years, we have helped numerous organizations develop innovative models of care that disrupt the status quo and effect sustainable change within the populations they serve. Consistently named as one of the “Top Architecture Firms” in the country by Modern Healthcare, our award-winning practice is led by a team of nationally renowned thought leaders whose expertise spans across the full spectrum of care.

We understand that our job is to help clients design spaces that will house the most significant moments in people’s lives; it’s something we take very seriously. And why we are so adamant that each detail is thoughtfully considered and every solution is purposefully designed. From senior living and behavioral health to urgent care and inpatient surgery, we listen to our clients’ needs, think about how the project can be most successfully approached, and create effective solutions focused on their expectations.

We are not simply responsible for designing healthcare facilities. Our passion lies in considering spaces that promote the health and well-being of people of all ages and abilities. We are in the business of designing meaningful places for everyone.


40. Pam Brandon President/Founder AGE-u-Cate

 Pam brings over 20 years’ experience in family and professional caregiver education. Having engaged and trained thousands of care-partners and organizations, she is passionate about helping others embrace positive change. She is privileged to lead and direct this fast-growing company to new heights of success. Originally from the Chicago area, she has lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 33 years, and proudly calls it home.

41. Denise M. Brown, Author, Speaker, Coach. | Founder,  & National Caregiving Conference features the blogs of family caregivers, weekly words of comforts, weekly self-care plans, weekly chats, a Community Caregiving Journal, free webinars, and online support groups. Visitors also can join the site’s Caregiving Happiness Project, which looks to determine if small, daily changes can add happiness during a difficult time in life. A campaign featuring the stories of former family caregivers called You’ll Be Okay debuted on the site in November 2010. also holds online events that entertain, encourage and provide an opportunity for a virtual escape. We regularly take breaks–for fall, winter, spring and summer. During our breaks, we take time to reflect on what’s going well in your caregiving role and what needs tweaking. In September, family caregivers of all ages show off their creative side in our Caregiving Art Show. In December, we sponsor a Holiday Progressive Blog Party.

In March 2011, Denise launched CareGifters, an initiative which funds caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time. Recipients of CareGifters donations detail their three challenges and then receive money to resolve or minimize at least one of those challenges.

You also can listen to Your Caregiving Journey, our Internet talk show, which delves into discussions about your caregiving role.

About Denise M. Brown, Owner and Operator
Denise M. Brown debuted in 1996 and launched her first online support group in the fall of 1996. She is the author of eight books:

–The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey;
–Take Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers;
–Take Comfort, Too, More Reflections of Hope;
Take More Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers:
After Caregiving Ends, A Guide to Beginning Again;
–Take Time, a Journal and Journey Toward Greater Happiness During an Unhappy Time (Caregiving);
–My Caregiving Journal, My Story of How I Care;
–Good Morning! Sunny Reflections to Start Your Day.

Two of her books (Take Comfort and Take Comfort, Too) are available as MP3s. You can purchase her books and MP3s in our store.

Denise began working with family caregivers in 1990 and started her own business to help them in 1994. She sent out the first issue of her monthly print publication, Caregiving!, in January 1995. She discontinued the print publication in 2005 to concentrate solely on online content.

She regularly speaks about the family caregiver experience; you can view her list of seminar/workshop topics here. Her insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal,, Time magazine and Chicago Tribune. Denise is also a professional caregiving coach, working with family caregivers and professionals to find the meaning in their journeys. You can schedule a coaching call with Denise here.

Feel free to email Denise; she loves to hear from you! You also can call Denise at (773) 343-6341.


42. Marjorie Weibe-Reed AIA, NCARB, IIDA, CAPS

 Access Design Group LLC is a specialty design firm focusing on client-centered Universal Design solutions.

We believe Design Matters!

Access Design Group’s President, Marjorie Weibe-Reed brings to the firm over fifteen years of professional architectural practice, project management and interior design experience and has a passion for accessibility and equitable design issues.

She is formally trained in architecture, interior design and is an accessibility specialist. Ms. Weibe-Reed holds both a Bachelor and Master Degree in Architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design and studied Marketing Management and Historic Preservation at Savannah Technical College.

Ms. Weibe-Reed is a licensed architect in the states of Georgia, Florida and Texas.  She is a licensed interior designer in state of Florida and hold a certificate as an   FHA Certified 203k Consultant.


43. Shane Haas, PT MSIE, CPE

We specialize in exercise equipment for IPR and SNF settings.

Shane Haas, PT, MSIE, CPE has 20+ years experience treating patient and particularly enjoys balance. Shane’s wife, Leigh, is an OT and together they have created numerous balance products (ADL Balance Trainer, ADL Reach Trainer, ADL Tabletop Trainer, ADL Balance Mat, ADL Rumble Board, ADL Hip Stick, and ADL Quadrant Hurdle), authored ADL Balance Blog and ADL Balance Games, and teach Balance Training by ADL nationally. A ’96 graduate of the Physical Therapy program at the University of Florida, he went on to Texas Tech (Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering in ’02) and is also Board Certified as a Professional Ergonomist from the B.C.P.E. Shane continues to treat patients part-time in IPR. His company, ADL 365 Inc. manufactures balance training equipment and continues to provide modifications to help aging and/or disabled individuals continue to live and work safely.


44. Mary Wegman RNCCM Choices in Senior Care LLC

Choices in Senior Care, LLC was founded in 2010 by Mary Wegman, RN, BSN, CCM, an Aging Life Care™ Professionalwho has over 30 years of experience in home health, hospice, and case management.  We are staunch advocates of the aging and disabled populations, desiring the highest quality of life for each individual client.  Choices in Senior Care was built based on integrity, operational best practices, and honoring the uniqueness and passions of each individual client.

Today, Choices in Senior Care employs more than 125 Care Managers and serves 3,800 clients across Tennessee, NW Georgia, SW Virginia, NE Alabama, Southern Kentucky, and NW North Carolina.  These clients are served by Care Managers living within minutes of their homes.  Our Care Managers are trained in transitions of care and chronic long-term care management.

Many of our Care Managers are certified through The Aging Life Care Association™ and our company adheres to the professional and ethical guidelines of this organization. Our Care Management team of nurses and social workers serves as healthcare advocates, resource experts and professional advisors for seniors and their families. We customize our approach to meet each client’s unique needs, because no two people are the same. Choices in Senior Care will do what is best for your individual situation!


45. Kelley Connors  

Transformational retreats, coaching and inspired events for busy working women who want to design their next for life and work.

“I am passionate about empowering a whole being approach to our life’s work. As a life work coach, I guide women in later stages of career with a creative and customized approach, backed by a dynamic women’s network”.  Kelley Connors, MPH, Wellbeing Coach and Co-Creator, Design the Second Half of Your Life.

The help you need, right on time…Next Adventure!


46. Sue Thomas, Senior Living Decorating Expert, Speaker, Author REDESIGN FOR RETIREMENT LIVING

Provide education & biz solutions 4 those caring 4 seniors in their HOME.


47. Jeff Miller Helpful advice for seniors and their caregivers.

Lessons learned and shared from monitoring more than 30,000 senior’s medical alert systems.

He can save you time and money.


48. Susan K. Whitbourne

Professor Emerita of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Gerontology and Faculty Fellow in the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The author of over 160 refereed articles and book chapters and 16 books (many in multiple editions and translations), her most recent popular work is The Search for Fulfillment (January 2010, Ballantine Books). She also writes for the Huffington Post’s “Post 50” blog and is a frequent commentator on local, national, and international media outlets and has appeared on the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Dateline, CNN, Olbermann, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, USA Today, and

Her research covers a wide range of topics related to adult development and aging, including personality development through midlife, contributors to successful aging, predictors of memory performance, and the relationship between physical health and sense of personal identity. She teaches large undergraduate lecture classes and maintains an active lab of graduate students whose research focuses on life-span development, dementia, and functional abilities in older adults.

Recipient of a 2011 Presidential Citation from the American Psychological Association, she is the winner of national and campus teaching and advising awards. She has served in executive board and advisory roles in regional and national professional organizations including the American Psychological Association (Council of Representatives and Board of Educational Affairs), the Council of Professional Geropsychology Training Programs (Chair), the Society for the Study of Human Development (past President), the Gerontological Society of America (current Past Chair, Behavioral and Social Sciences Section), the National Association of Fellowship Advisors (Executive Board member), and Psi Chi (past Eastern Regional Vice President), and the Society for Emerging Adulthood (Founding Board member), as well as a member of numerous task forces and advisory panels at the national, regional, state, and campus levels. In June 2017, she began her term as President of the Eastern Psychological Association and as Member-at-Large on the Board of the Massachusetts Psychological Association.

At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she taught large undergraduate psychology classes and directed the Commonwealth Honors College’s Office of National Scholarship Advisement. Currently, she serves as the Scholarship Coordinator for the University of Massachusetts President’s Office. She grew up in Buffalo, N.Y. and graduated from the University at Buffalo. She received her Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Columbia University and completed a postdoctoral respecialization program in clinical psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Whitbourne lives in Framingham, Massachusetts with her husband and has the distinct pleasure of having raised two daughters who chose to follow their mother’s profession. Her older daughter, Stacey, a developmental/health psychologist, is a Program Director at VA Boston where she is the coordinator of the Million Veterans Program. She is also a co-author on her adult development text.  Her younger daughter, Jennifer, is a staff psychologist at MIT Medical Center. With hobbies that include knitting and frequent participation in aerobics classes, she practices what she preaches about the value of aging and both mental and physical exercise.

Fulfillment at Any Age

Want to know how to achieve life fulfillment? This blog will help you learn about how to apply psychology to your relationships, health, and well-being. My goal is to educate my readers on how  to maximize your effectiveness in life.

48. Emily A. Greenfield Professor at the Rutgers School of Social Work who likes to share links to information about our aging world through social media.

  • How can we transform local environments to optimize well-being for diverse populations of older adults and families?
  • How do social relationships hinder and heighten individuals’ development across the life course?
  • How can institutions of higher education provide formative experiences that prepare students as leaders for our aging society?

These are the focal questions that motivate my research, teaching, and service as an Associate Professor of Social Work at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. This website provides an overview of my work in these areas, as well as information about various ways to contact me.


49. Peter Hurshman Curating and sharing news and ideas for oldies. Seniors rule, OK.

In Praise of Laughter; lumpy custard tickles my funny-bone!

See Peter’s offerings…Just for Laughs.


50. Jeanette Knudsen is an award winning interior designer located in Mesa, AZ.

Her company, Design For A Life Span, specializes in Design for Aging, Universal Design and Toe Tag Homes, something that fits families as they grow and change.   She is the only designer in the area to serve on the National Design for Aging Council for the American Society of Interior Designers.  She is a Certified Living in Place Professional, and an Allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

In her first round of college, she took an elective course in interior design…and loved it. Too late to change majors, she enjoyed bringing out the best in her own home as she raised two sons, and spent 20+ years working in the banking industry.  While in school she watched her grandmother being forced into leaving her beloved home for a senior rehabilitation facility, (a move that made her very unhappy), Jeanette decided to specialize in Design for Aging & Universal Design.

Among her accomplishments, she redesigned a home newly purchased by an 88-year old woman who cherishes her freedom to live next door to her daughter.

Jeanette Knudsen is an expert in how to continue to live in the homes of our choice as long as possible. Her gift is the ability to take her client’s vision and create a timeless look that anyone, of any age, would find beautiful as well as easy to live in.



These individuals come from many diverse backgrounds with disciplines and gifts that are vast and valuable. Take advantage, we have much work to do in redefining aging so as to empower us all and make the world a better place to grow older.